Release, meditate and mentally process our information so that we can let the past go, knowing that the cycle is ending. Meditate and clear the mind to allow the acknowledgement of the end of strife & drama to be instilled in our awareness. What grounds us is our logical analyses of the situation along with appropriate actions. What crowns us is knowledge and learning which will garner us a better understanding of that which is in question.

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These past two weeks have been all about work and networking for me. And lately, I have been trying to manage them properly so that I may have a culmination of goals while maintaining a healthy and balanced life. While wondering about how I would deal with people, and maintain healthy boundaries I found this great video from Doreen Virtue with tip on how to maintain assertiveness with family members and difficult relationships. These tips are great when dealing with Anyone that exhibits behavior that “triggers” us and may lead to drama. Mentally processing helpful information allows us to store it in our mind for future use. Knowledge is power.