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Inspirational Full Moon Forecast for June 10, 2017 : Inner Work to Support our Self Expression

Here is my inspirational Full Moon Tarot Forecast for this upcoming Full Moon on June 10, 2017. The reason why I call this Inspirational is because I focus on Self Development and Problem Solving, thus my forecasts are for helping us navigate our way through our lives whether our life flows smoothly, rapidly, or through streams of rocks and boulders.

What is manifesting is a reprieve from the severity that we inflict upon ourselves and others around us as we relax our mental grip our situation. What is releasing is the feeling of lack of stability or a reliable routine in our lives that requires us to create a strong inner sense of stability and regularity. We can prepare for this by moving forward, ready to experience new experiences and create new memories that blossom and nourish our lives. We allow this to happen to express ourselves in the fullness of our being so that we can intake all that the universe has to give.

We ground ourselves by remembering the inner world within us, and cherishing it as we face the obstacles within our path. To have a strong sense of knowing and understanding of the inner self so that we may express ourselves fully and continue to go forth despite of what may come into our bath. What crowns us is a reprieve from overworking in the external world so that we make work on the inner self and world within us. We take a break from the building up the external world in our environment to work on our inner growth and understandings. It is time to reconnect to the self within so that we may move forward with full knowing and self expression.

Interview with Intuitive Astrologer Evelyn Von Zuel

Evelyn Von Zuel is the founder and main Astrologer for Astrom Council. Her website also includes articles on Tarot, Crystals, and many other things. She has a background full of many other metaphysical studies and yet, has a special connection to Astrology. In our interview she talks about her first experiences with astrology as a child and how it helped her come to terms with some harsh life lessons and connect to the people around her. Before our formal interview she told me about how strong of a figure Saturn was in the Astrological world and how it’s role was twisted in Christianity to have a dark overtone, as people associated him with the shadow aspects of the self we did not want to face or work through. She also goes over how different planets and houses rule different aspects of our spiritual growth.

You can watch her interview here: