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February 26, 2017 Dark Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Forecast : Let our Failures Ground and Guide Us

This weekend is looking to be crazy with what is in the news, physically, spiritually, energetically and astrologically. So while it is wonderful that what is ending is the phase of gloominess and austerity. And that a new phase of financial security is coming. The Five of Swords reminds us to stay humble and learn from our mistakes.

Benebell Wen says something that has a lot to do with this reading:
“What facet of the Five of Swords and Seven of Swords represent the inner self you are ashamed of? ”
You can read more in her blog post, Why the Suit of Swords is My Favorite

The astrological movements are Strong right now so it is a good time to set intentions for the next cycle.

I posted this on instagram 3 days ago and finally got around to recording and uploading a video for it. So this time the video has more content 😛

Reading for the New/Dark Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017 at 6:58 Pacific Time The cloudy days are gone, The Sun shines again! And financial security is coming! What helps us transition is to sit with ourselves in this ecliptic cycle and really see how far we had to fall to win this big. This will ground us, make us grateful, and help us plan for the future with all the lessons we have learned. By Luna Http://oceanbluepsyche.com If you want to watch me draw cards live go to my Periscope channel @lunadeltarot or check the replays on my youtube channel, user name : Luna del Tarot #newmoon #solareclipse #inspirational #tarot #forecast #beginnings #endings #cartomancy #divination #security #financialsecurity #fourofpentacles #fourofcoins #fiveofswords #SunRx #endingsandbeginnings #failure #success #bigwin #bigfailure #darkmoon

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Dark Moon Solar Eclipse Sept 1, 2016 Resurgence of Order

This is a really strong Dark Moon, and combined with a Solar Eclipse, it really opens us up to realization that we Can move past the blocks in our way and We Can Make It!

We release our inhibitions that come from self-doubt and prevent us from listening to ourselves. The lesson is to keep driving forward through everything that stands in our way; despite of the difficulties we encounter and the insecurities within us. Finding happiness and contentment in what we Have, (our little cloister of happiness within the eye of the storm) will help us understand how to keep going. Being able to reflect from a place of calm complacency allows us to learn about our own self-drive, how to connect to it, keep it going, and replenish our fuel when we are feeling worn out.

The shadow aspect of ourselves that this Eclipse shows, is a tendency to drop all our burdens or let them build to overflow, consequently we are either unable or unwilling to handle them. This reveals that we have been focusing on what we are upset about, the pile of “mistakes” and “mishaps” of life.

What New Beginning the Dark Moon brings us is a good distance & Perspective that allows us to plan our goals and nurture our progress. The Energy it brings is one of Inspiration, delicate, gentle and comforting. It lifts us up and carries us through the night as we rest. To allow this to pass we can kick ourselves into gear and Get Going!

The main issue at our foundation, and disturbing our ability to ground, is the feeling of emotional disconnect and dissonance within our lives, as our connections with others either seem strained or dysfunctional. This emotional disturbance causes us to feel deep seated dissatisfaction over a seemingly inability to find good work or see any progress in what we are doing, which creates a sort of “glass ceiling” that prevents us from reaching out goals. So this new moon solar eclipse is revealing all our frustrations so that we must acknowledge them, face them, and then work through the as we kick ourselves back into gear.

dark side

A look into the underlying influences surrounding this situation reveals that we are in a deep state of upset, where we feel like we are emotionally drained. What is coming though, is freedom from this cage of negative emotions as we kick into gear and get moving! In the distant past we faced lots of fast movement, then underwent deep mental anxiety that we had to overcome, which brought us to this state of emotional upset. In the future we will be unwilling to leave a situation that’s not quite right for us. What is best right now is to aim to balance our shit out! Time & Money in the physical realm, and a mind/body/spirit connection with the Physical Realm. We currently have some projects that are not coming along because we have stopped working on the, or are not working well in a team environment, Or we are flat out refusing to engage with others at all in our work. The environment has been throwing us into “problems” so that we feel compelled to tackle everything head out in an effort to try and balance everything. In fact, we Really hope for a deep sense of “wa” or peaceful harmony with inner self, and balance with the outer physical realm. In the end, we will develop strict discipline in order to get our lives back in order!

The Empress shows us to remind us of our creative power and magnetic persona which we can harness and embody, in order to attract what is best for us on our path.