For my first interview this week, I met with Rev. Jade Elizabeth, who helps women & men overcome emotional turbulence caused by lack of self esteem. It was inspiring to hear how she worked though her own self-esteem issues and now helps others find themselves and the success that they are looking for as a Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Author of the book Your Amazing Itty Bitty Self-Esteem Book. In the interview she reads an excerpt about how to take control of our thoughts, letting us know that our subconscious mind does not process negative words such at “no”, “don’t” and the such. Hence, when we say things like “I don’t want to get sick” or “I don’t want to get hurt”, then we get what we did not ask for. So it is better for us to focus on what we Do want and not what we Do Not want. Therefore, we should say things like “I want to be healthy” or “I want to be in a fulfilling relationship”.

She teaches all sorts of informative and life changing classes. For more information, visit her website: or

One class of hers is:
Seven Keys to Inner Mind Mastery with Meditation
on Wednesday 7-9pm at:
School of Multidimensional Healing Arts& Sciences
18271 McDurmott West, Suit H Irvine, CA. 92614

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