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Preparing for the New Moon in June

(Cards depicted are the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll

The ending of Mercury Retrograde last week combined with the cleansing of ourselves and gratitude for & commemoration of the Ancestors [through celebration] this weekend, we are grounded and ready to build towards out goals. Focusing on physical symbols of the dream we wish to manifest will assist us and keep us on track, and a good foundation will protect us. It is time to transmute and uplift our energy as we move forward!

We prepare for the New Moon, and a new Cycle.

Meditation stills the mind and lets the subconscious unravel into the stream of consciousness, relaxing the self.

Ease the mind and build the self, this upgrade in energy within allows us to focus our external actions towards our goals and build external foundations for growth.


Reading about Memorial Day Weekend and Commemorating the Spirits of those who have passed

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. So I decided to ask about how to commemorate and honor the Spirits of those who have passed. Since this is also a three day weekend, I decided to ask about what will be happening this weekend and how to make the most of it!

I asked about:

  • What the weekend has for us: Fast movement and lots of events happenings!
  • How to prepare ourselves: Don’t try to logically analyze everything, we will have connect to our emotions, open up to the universe and let our intuition guide us. Don’t forget the logic, just don’t rely solely on logical analysis. Our emotional & intuitive connection with the universe will allow us to improvise with the speedy unfolding of events.
  • How to handle the weekend: Build inner creativity so that we can change our inner world of feelings to improvise with what is happening outside and deal with the outer storm. For example, being able to become calm in tense and or crazy situations, or bringing an uplifting energy to somber situations. Inner creativity causes the outer world to change, we are indirectly altering the outside instead of directly/physically changing things. This is an inner change that causes outer effects to surface.
  • Message from Spirit: Stick with your plan and or routine. This is not a time to change things up on the outside, even when we stay flexible inside.
  • How to commemorate them: Acknowledge our times and attributes of “weakness”. This is a way to grow as a person because outward acceptance of our weakness makes us strong inside. The Spirits want to me commemorated through us building inner strength. Acknowledging their passing and letting us feel mortal vulnerability that surfaces from it connects us all.
  • How to Honor them: Rejoice! The ancestors and those who have fought hard so that we can enjoy life want us to REALLY ENJOY it! After all, that is what they worked and fought so hard for! So party it up and make them Proud of their work and sacrifice!
  • What Grounds us (what keeps us centered and stable): Knowing our physical base is secure, our physical home, finances, food & shelter. Knowing that we are safe in our “home” keeps us grounded. And if we are working towards financial security, then staying aware of what we are working towards and knowing it (instead of splurging on unnecessary shiny objects because we are grasping at straws in desperation and burning out).
  • What Crowns us (what is best for us to aim for): Staying within Integrity to ourselves, with the rapid unfolding of events and expanding our capability to emotionally improvise with illogical situations. We must know ourselves and what is best for us so that we don’t lose ourselves [negatively] in the moment. This is what keeps us strong, what defines our character, and crowns the moments.

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Here is my video, i placed it below my post because what I wrote is more concise and well thought out than what I said when I was reading on the spot. What I said on Periscope makes sense, I was just able to organize my thoughts better and write a better post Afterwards.