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March 27, 2017 New Moon Forecast : Regaining Self-Trust, ReAssessing the Exchanges, Grounding in Emotional Security and Understanding in our Own Path

March 27, 2017 New Moon Tarot Forecast by Luna is about Regaining Self-Trust and ReAssessing the Exchanges we have in Place while Grounding in Emotional Security and Understanding as we walk our own path.

This upcoming cycle is looking very emotionally comforting and encouraging so I wish everyone the best with their new projects, ideas, inspirations, and “work”!

What is ending is our distrust of ourselves as we feel foolish, what begins is Emotional Security and abundance and we feel in sync with our truth and have Emotional Unity with our Mind, Body and Spirit.

How to release the ending cycle is to get started on our new projects and plans! What helps us move forward into the new cycle is reassessing the exchanges we have in place and not giving so freely. To really considering the value of what we have to offer compared to that of which is given to us in exchange. Having a good sense of Self-Value and Self-Worth really helps with this. So does understanding what the other person really wants and or needs, along with what they are receptive or not receptive of. Grounding in emotional understanding of others can help us really “feel” for what is the best course of action. Remember that Self-Love and Self-Care is a form of Self-lessness as we take are better able to care for others when we ourselves are doing well. And when we are thriving, we have more more to share!

As we Ground in emotional fulfillment and allow our self-love to reach out and embrace others by loving them, we will be able to nourish not just ourselves, but also our friends, family, community, and the world as a whole.

What Crowns us is not arbitrarily following a traditional or well-tested path and going our own way while trusting our Inner Guidance. Knowing that we know what is best for ourselves, despite of what other people say to us, despite of what the world seems to be saying to us. Our strong Grounding in Emotional Security, Fulfillment and Security allows us to Discern between the myriad options offered in the craziness of life.

The deck I used is the Wooden Tarot, by Andrew Liam Swartz from
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Wishing you all a Wonderful new cycle!

New Moon Tarot Forecast for June 4, 2016 : Moving away from skill exchange and taking care of ourselves

What is passing is the period of giving and receiving for charity/donation. We come to terms with not worrying over what we should give and what people can receive. That whole “skill exchange”, “work trade” and “donation based” phase of our lives is Over and now we will start nurturing ourselves and nourishing our emotional development instead of turning to the external world for gratification and alleviation. What helps us surrender to the whole process is tuning into our center and balancing our lives so that we can take proper care of ourselves.
What grounds us in the whole process is being in harmony with our environment by letting the right people in our lives and making responsible decisions that keep us in a nurturing social environment. What crowns is working through our obsessions to finally see other solutions to our problems. Knowing that it’s not about finding the One path of solutions and happiness, it’s about working with what suits us best out if the plethora of pathways that are available.

Here’s my video, again what I wrote here better thought out than what I said on Periscope live stream when the cards popped up. Let me know what you think of this written forecast in comparison to my streamed video forecast.

photo on my instagram page which is pretty fun to check out 🙂

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Take care of yourself this cycle! Nourish your emotional center, ground yourself in responsible decisions and a supportive community, and look outside of narrow solutions. The World is always there for you.

here is a Lunar Planner to help you organize your month!