Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today is not only the Mid-Autumn full moon, but it is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse! This is our second eclipse and the energy that built up has been strong. Two eclipses around the time of the Harvest Moon yields a crop from the internal world that is usually hidden deep within us.

For this Full Harvest Moon, we manifested an instinctual urge to gather and keep (collect) what we can and find internal happiness while staying busy and hopeful when faced with injustice/unfairness in our environment (I did a reading a couple months ago asking what the Happy Squirrel means, I should write about it). We Learned not to worry about the many things weighing down on our minds and affecting our body & spirit. What now fades is a ragged inconsistency of efforts and looking towards the future can assist in allowing this to pass.
We are grounded by a release of our secret burdens, reaching out to people so we may open channels of communication. Let go of the energy of our unspoken/unnoticed burdens and send them into the collective [as a message] so that we can receive the feedback, resources, and assistance we need to figure out how to better resolve our issues.
What crowns us is really feeling into what upsets us about our condition and allowing this energy to speak to us about what is lacking in our lives as we channel our need into the world, allowing it to bring us that which we need.

Looking into the background reveals that we are full of great ideas and creating many wonderful things, however we are unable to manage them properly and some are falling out of our hands. Thus we will have less interest in pushing ourselves as hard from now on, even if internally we really want to keep going.
What is best for us in this moment of weakness is to not be so judgemental of ourselves an dothers. Yes we are upset and feel pain, but we have already moved from our original state of dissatisfaction to a much more pleasant place, and in the future we will be charging forward!

So we take this moment of weakness as a necessary mental respite from the hustle, so that we can communicate with ours, emptying our ills into the universe. We do hope to be less reckless with our actions and the outcome shows that we will indeed complete a wonderful project with the skill, resources and assistance we need.


and continue moving forward