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Preparing for the New Moon in June

(Cards depicted are the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll

The ending of Mercury Retrograde last week combined with the cleansing of ourselves and gratitude for & commemoration of the Ancestors [through celebration] this weekend, we are grounded and ready to build towards out goals. Focusing on physical symbols of the dream we wish to manifest will assist us and keep us on track, and a good foundation will protect us. It is time to transmute and uplift our energy as we move forward!

We prepare for the New Moon, and a new Cycle.

Meditation stills the mind and lets the subconscious unravel into the stream of consciousness, relaxing the self.

Ease the mind and build the self, this upgrade in energy within allows us to focus our external actions towards our goals and build external foundations for growth.


Tarot Reading for the Week! Working through frustration and grounding ourselves in our goals

This week’s theme is : Working through frustration by grounding ourselves in our dreams and finding our own path

This week we are working through feelings of upset and frustration over past events and unsettling memories. What helps us is finding our own way and not going with what everyone else has done or is telling us to do. As we keep our dreams alive and work through the frustration and stress of trying to manifest our dreams, even if we don’t see how everything is working out and we think it isn’t working out, we can always take a meditative break and return to ourselves so that we can see through our worries and know that we are ok. Worry and fear only bring unnecessary stress and reduce our capabilities to compose a solution, stop listening to the negative voices inside and around you. Be aware of the superficial drama and let your dreams ground and stabilize you.

Tonight I give readings at Learning Light Foundation of Anaheim, CA as a member of their Reader’s Studio

This Saturday May 28, 2016, I will be at this upcoming Holistic Fair at the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences in Costa Mesa, CA!

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