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New/Dark Moon Forecast for April 26, 2017 Quitting the Worries and Moving Forwards in our Own Safe Space

We are leaving the worries from the last phase and moving into a new phase of inspiration and dreams.

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We prepare for this by turning our focus inward and taking a graceful pause to work on our elements of our core that have been hidden away in a tower. We let the inner walls crumble as we break through to uncover the shadows and reveal them to the light within and all around us. We allow for the change by focusing on our priorities while letting superfluous elements of life pass us us by. For we are grounded our movement forwards as the work we do within us bring a natural change in the outer world. The external changes are side effects of the work we do inside our shells, our towers, and the secret chambers of our soul.

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The speed and direction of our movement forward is determined by our own inner guidance, which measures up to our personal best and directs us to our personal dreams.

What crowns this phase is keep guard so that we may work on ourselves and grow in a safe place. There is a big difference between excessive worries that distract us from our goal and a general guard that protects us and provides a supportive environment for inner work and movement. So let your inner wisdom speak to you and ease your worries as you focus on priorities and proper self protection.

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Providing Consultation at Local Fairs in Southern California

Hello everyone! I will be providing consultation at some local fairs and events in Southern California!

  • Thursday, February 9, 2017 6-9pm at the Vendor Blendor located at the Clar8ty office in Mission Viejo
    • facebook event page
    • Located at: Clar8ty 23361 Madero, Ste 220, 92691 Mission Viejo, United States
    • Lots of other small business owners and holistic professionals there providing services and or goods. So Check it out!
  • Saturday February 18, 2017 12-5pm at the Transformation and Wellness Fair
    • meetup page here
    • Located at: Healing Key 2117 East 7th Street, Long Beach, CA
    • Clairvoyance – Reiki – Angel cards – Medical Intuition – Aura scanning -Message – Mediumship at a Special Rate of $20 per 15-minute session