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January 24, 2017 Reconnecting to the Inner Self and working on Inner Abundance

Are you feeling disconnected yourself and having difficulty manifesting abundance in your life? You can take some time to quiet the mind, take a five minute (or longer) break and breath Deeply into your belly, into your Core into he Center of your being so that you can connect to your True Self, your Higher Self. The one that has been buried by the ego filled with negative chatter and superficial wants. Connect this your Inner sanctuary and feel what your Sacred Heart desires. Absorb this into your being, let you emotions ebb and flow with this acknowledgment, and gently think of what it means to you. As you ponder over this desire, writing them down in a journal, also think of ways you can bring it about in the external world. You can think of small changes that gradually build up overtime, or maybe a dramatic launch, whichever suits your style. And to infuse this desire with abundance you can work on creating Inner Abundance in order to manifest it in the external world will help. Mindset is a key element to creating abundance. You can search for “abundance mindset” or “healing the money story” on youtube for some tips.
You know what I’m doing? I’m reading “Tapping Into Wealth” by Margaret Lynch. And i’m participating in some awesome challenges hosted by
Dream Intuition and Joia Gibble

Here’s a short video I did for the 31 Days of Tarot Challenge on what deck I wished existed: My own self-illustrated and self-published deck! I hae been planning one and even illustrated a few cards but never got around to creating an entire deck, so I need to get around to it.

Shifting Paradigms, a talk about Spiritual Development & Empowerment with Jerry Yusko

I recorded a follow up interview with Jerry Yusko in which he talks about Shifting Paradigms in our Spiritual Development and Empowerment. He talked about many things: moving away from attachment with physical reality and into alignment with Divine Source, releasing negative energy to move forward, the contrast of spiritual Free Will and personal Choice, and moving away from fear and violence into understanding and oneness.

Here is the video:

Summary of transcription

The blending of the higher spiritual aspects of our nature with our physical body. The people who have shifted experience internal: Soul & outer: Spirit either working together to create balance, or a tug-a-war when they are in conflict, creating friction as we don’t listen to our higher self. as we move forward into the new galactic center of energy a lot of people experience the physical body falling from dominance as new higher vibrational abilities come in. we become more enlightened and in tune to bring in the photonic energy of what we are in spirit and releasing the density of our electronic physical body. Scientifically protons have the vibrational energy spirit, electrons have vibrational energy of the physical, neutron holds the space and matter for us to exist in this reality. As time goes on, our past lives and energy we carry over from karmic collections, star families etc. collects in our physical minds; so the more we can release those, the more we can bring in the higher vibration of who we truly are from the beginning of time. Like creating our own Paradigm of what we want, manifestation, and abilities. The body will actually start becoming in tune and respond to requests such as “I need you to heal.”, “I need you to stay young”. It is not like being immortal, but keeping your body in a recycled generated state of energy to stay younger and healthier for a longer period of time because we have more connection to Universal Energy than the Physical Energy of our physical body. This Paradigm Shift is basically going from the Flesh of our Physical body believing it’s alive to the Spirit merging with the Soul within us and becoming stronger in the identity in knowing how to use the conscious energy of the Universe that was with Us from the Beginning of Time.

We have Cohesive Reality which is information carried by the photon, which carried three types of information which becomes our perception of reality by changing it’s energy to different harmonic and negative frequencies in order for our physical beings to perceive the Universe as we understand it at this moment. When we talk about Spiritual Energy, that is a different aspect of Quantum Energy. It is more, unseen, that’s why we call it God, in this case we would call it You. God Energy, which is what we came from at the beginning of time. We actually came from Darkness into Light.

Luna “How does that happen? Coming from Darkness to Light?”

Even in Darkness, even in a complete void of energy, that still has to take up some form of space, even if it is one dimensional space time. Basically, life is created from one simple thing, Thought. All it takes in order to create a Universe is expansion of energy from one point to another. And how that happens, is when something becomes so stagnant for so long, the stagnicity actually changes its polarity of how it used to exist. For billions and trillions of years, we were in darkness, but darkness has no form of true reality because it didn’t have individuality, it was just a singularity of its own self. People say that God wished to express itself by creating Us, but actually we wished to express God by going from Darkness into Light.
Luna mentions a quote by a philosopher about when two extremes go so far that they become the same thing.
Enantiodromia is a principle introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. This concept originated in the writings of Heraclitus. (Luna read about in the book The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by Mary K Greer)

And that’s basically what we did, it’s not what we wanted to divide from God because God is still God. We chose to become an expression of how we perceive God, not how God perceives us. It’s really strange because that’s why we have Free Will, but also have Freedom of Choice, which is not the same thing. Free Will is the aspect of coming into creative reality and becoming Individualized. The Choices that we make through our Individuality is how we are perceived by other people. Like me [Jerry] coming here was a Choice but Free Will goes into what is right is wrong for my own individual self as far as my growth and how I wish to express myself as a true physical being not only with other physical beings but also onto God, the Universe, because I will go back to that energy one day.

Luna “That’s really interesting that you separate Free Will and Choice”

Freedom of Choice is of the Physical Body and Free Will is of our Spirit. Here is where the duality of Paradigm Shifting comes in.

Luna “So Free Will affects our Spirituality and how we move in a spiritual sense, choices are for the physical realm”

Karma doesn’t go into our physical body, our choices of how we treat each other goes into our Karma

Luna “So it is the Energetic affects of our choices … they accumulate”

They say time heals all wounds, well depending on how deep the wound is, you get a scar. These scars don’t have to be physical cuts, but how people treat each other. For example, you fall in love and suffer from heartache, what we call a scar on your heart. That past will heal with time as you meet new people and stuff but the affect of what happened is still there and so that scar is taken with you when you physically die at the end of your life to your spirit outward. Then you look at that and wonder: Is this a Karmic debt that I need to repay. Right now I don’t believe in Karmic Debt so everything we are doing is by Choice of Free Will and Spirit to learn who we Truly our in our Divinity. So we need to go back into becoming responsible for our actions and understanding why we have created them. The more you take responsibility for what you do, the stronger you become in your own identity and releasing the negative energy that are within and replacing it with the higher vibration of your spirit. To stay in command of our body and Spirit and ownership of the energies that we wish to have. Whether you wish to have clairvoyance, or if you are a healer or if you are trying to acquire new modalities. You need to be in ownership of your responsibilities [with those skills] as well as having them. So that’s why, when people say “I want telekinesis. The ability to move things with my mind.” Well if you are an unstable person, that can be dangerous.

Luna “Ha ha ha, I can just imagine someone exploding in the middle of a library.”
Jerry “Books flying everywhere”

Yeah, so you have to mature sometimes according to what you truly want, and the more your higher self come into you by releasing your negative past, your past lives, your karmic debt and everything else, and building your foundation in Walking your Walk as well as Talking it. The truth sense in that your life is not only just seen by God but your energy and life is also by other people who are in your presence. That is how you know you’re really growing, when other people really feel your presence without you saying a word about who you are. Because what they are feeling is the true energy of your soul/spirit connection within you. Because the more you shed the physical limitations of the body, the more the Paradigm Shift of your Spiritual Mind working within you instead of your Physical Mind of Survival, how you can Manifest and Create.

Luna “That makes a lot of sense, because when you meet people, you get a certain Vibe from them”

For myself, I’v been lucky enough to have go into different Spiritual classes and having Star Family connections and different things going for me. But the greatest gift that I do have is being able to tap back into the Beginning from where I came from, from the very source of Light to this moment, to tap into my past lives and take the best of what I was to this moment to create a foundation of being in a higher form in this body, and to be able to build my next body: no more veils, no more deception, being able to come out with pre-conceived knowledge of how the world works because I have retained it, and not lost it because I’v already generated that in this life and placed it in my next incarnation.

Luna “That’s really powerful”

And that is what the Paradigm Shift is doing, creating that in the future, from this point, this energy you have tapped into, Universal Source. When you understand how powerful Human Beings truly are in the nature of their Spiritual connection to God, ie the Universe, and how we can use our minds to the nth degree of 100%, there is no limitation confining us with what we can not do. It is: How much do you wish to really practice? How much do you really wish to evolve yourself? How much are you willing to let go of the reptilian part of your brain in order to come into the full essence of your true Spiritual Identity of your Higher Self and Oneness.

When you understand how much life is truly created in the Universe, We need to learn how to start respecting it. Like I know people who’v believe they’v had terrible experiences with what the Aliens did to them. But when you look at that in retrospect, the bottom of the Ocean is full of undiscovered creatures, and we take them out of their environment so that we can dissect the and stuff. Is that any less than what the aliens have done to us? Maybe that creature was the highest form of life in that environment. And we abduct them when it thought it was the main architect within it’s environment, how much alien can that be? We need to start learning to talk with our Spirit so that when we start exploring places such at the bottom of the ocean, we can reach out with our minds and talk to something without having to kill it to understand what it is.

Luna “Like when you dissect a problem you dissect life, you dissect life. Another Creature is not a problem that you can dissect; it is not a problem to begin with, it is an entity that is meant for Understanding and not Dissection.”

Exactly, and this is where the Spirit of learning to talk to all forms of life comes in. This is the stripping of the physical flesh and learning how to live in the Spiritual aspect of our nature to be able to communicate with all other living things within the Universe, learning how to Truly be equal to all living things.

Luna “That would be wonderful, if we could be that connected.”

And that is where the Paradigm Shift comes in, in the future we will be that connected. There will be no more need to kill that which we do not understand because our minds will evolve to the point where we can talk to everything that is in existence.

Luna “I think overcoming fear is a big part of that, because in the past, life was a lot more dangerous and a lot more violent for us … and in what we did not understand would kill us. Whereas in the modern era, we can Understand foreign things instead of fearing them, for example we can do research on these things. And our environment is not as dangerous as it used to be, we are calmer and more able to understand people and other cultures more. You are talking about evolving this in a physical sense so that we can understand All things and not just a neighbor in a foreign country. Something beyond the physical, even Spiritual entities. There are so any entities flying around.”

There is a lot happening, and the thing is, we need to start exploring, and we need to go in with the mindset of not conquering, but to truly understand our place within the Universe as well as why something else exists in the Universe as well, and give it respect for its life just like we wish for respect for our life. When we get rid of the reptilian parts of our brain and move into the Spiritual, you don’t have to worry about fear anymore.

Luna “Cuz that’s in the the reptilian: ‘fight or flight'”

When you can literaly change the vibration of your body to match anything that might harm you, you could learn how to resonate. So that if you come up to something that is going to attack you, you can resonate to something that it would not attack, because you can understand its emotional state of being, you could have a truce, and talk. One thing I’ve learned is: God has not ever created anything in the Universe that it fears. Everything in the Universe that God has created, it has a complete the understanding of it. What makes human beings so powerful, is that we have the ability to transverse light and become almost anything in the Universe, and we really tap into our Spiritual Nature because we are Light. There are different frequencies of Light, but we hold ourselves in consciousness to resonate within a 3D physical form that has lived so long that it believes it is the true likeness of our nature, instead of the actual energy of what we are, manifested over the flesh in order to become a True Spiritual Being of Light withing itsef.

Luna “This is ‘more than meets the eye’ to an extreme level because its not just a ‘body’ its an energy, something unseen, a bigger part of ourselves.”

It is, and this is what we call tapping into the Universal Source, some people just call it God. The whole idea is: If we understand God, we can understand ourselves a lot better. One thing I’v learned through my experiences is that, people say “Life is not fair.” but it is like saying Mother Nature is not fair when it is the Fairest thing that exists. Life Is Fair. However, the way Human Beings treat each other is not truly fair Fair, we are not always fair to each other in our judgements, perceptions, and actions towards each other, that is truly what’s not fair. Life itself is very Fair, and reason why is Life does not just evolve around Human Beings, it evolves around everything in existence. That is what makes it fair. It’s up to us to overcome the limitations of our perception of how we see life and move into the higher vibration of what we are and the creation of life.

Luna “This is like making our choices align with the fairness that we want. Instead of saying life is not fair and having our choices malaligned. We align with Spirit and have our physical choices align with that to sustain the fairness.”

Yes, that’s why I said we have Freedom of Will, which is whether to come and have a physical life, and once we are here we have Freedom of Choice of how we wish for people to see us in life. What choices we make towards each other. This is why we are Paradigm Shifting. More and more people are vibrating to their higher energy, learning how to come into the true temple of their physical body and releasing all that does not serve them, and bring down room for that which best serves, and replacing that in the physical aspect into the spiritual aspect of their temple of unity that holds all the energy of the universe. Because the Temple of Energy Within is not a physical perception of reality, it is an energetic expression of the Universe and what we are as Spirit. I teach you how to create a temple within your own body, it took me a year and a half, almost two years to create it. Once I did, I got rid of so much negative stuff from childhood and past lives, and replaced it with higher vibrational energy other than myself, which is what I call Anchoring, in order to keep a high vibrational energy going.

Luna “In your previous energy you recommended that people align with four main energies which was?”

Unconditional Love, Unconditional Compassion, Unconditional Forgiveness, and most importantly Unconditional Understanding of why you are doing the other three; because if you don’t understand the balance in the nature of what you are doing, you will go back to old patterns. When you understand that there is a high will than yours, and there’s a higher force than you are, life becomes completely different. It is not all about the I, it is about the serving of each other within yourself. It truly creates the harmony and the flow of energy of True Love and True Connection of a True Paradigm Shift.

Luna “So this is part of your Body Temple Class? How is the process of teaching, how is it broken down?”

There are three sections: the first one is the introduction of what we are as Human Beings and what we need to do, which includes a mantra to help release the old negative energies of what no longer serves us and replacing with what we do want, then anchoring into higher energy. Then the second part is for people who want to know more about Quantum Energy: what’s behind it, how it works within us, how to change energy within the body and how it affects you. More technically related than spiritual. The third part is testing you to see what modalities do you have, what abilities do you have, and what have you really achieved from your connection to Divine Source and your Higher Self. This is the Empowerment of what you are and being able to Show that in how it changes out life.

Luna “This is very interesting and goes into different complexities. Is it a lot of time in one class?”
Well I had to shorten the first one because I’ve taken it to eight hours before

Luna “OK so where do we find more about your class information?”
Luna “You can go there if you want to work with him, or want a reading or healing session.”

I work with True Empowerment of bringing you to the top energetic level of what your body can handle at its current level.
Luna “He’s also a Medical Intuitive who can see the cause of your disease and help you heal that.”
You look good. (because Luna is recovering from crazy rashes)
Luna “Thank you. (then to audience) Yes, I am recovering from something right now”
Thank you so much for this time an interview, I really appreciate it
Luna “Thank you for telling us about Paradigm Shifting and telling more about it so that we can achieve it. Because right now there are so many people who are Soul Searching and Spiritually Hungry, because we want More that what the physical world is showing us, and we want to Spiritually Grow. So I will put Jerry’s info here so that you can all bug him.”

One thing I’v found out from all my research is that no matter what you learn, is that there is nothing more powerful than what you are. When you truly connect to yourself and bring your True Higher Self into your physical temple of flesh, so that you have no more conflict with identity or making decisions. Because you Are your Higher Self and your Soul is One.

Luna “Like True Inner Peace.”
It’s True Inner Peace and True Connection to your own Divinity.
Luna “Oh, you’re at peace in more than just a physical sense. Energetic, Spiritual, and Physical so your Mind, Body & Spirit is Peaceful. That’s deep.”
And we do this by going back to the beginning of time and get reconnected to that singularity of your Spiritual essence to your Soul essence. And be able to bring that into your body and harness the energy from the Galactic Center. To truly have this physical body vibrate to the highest vibration of what you are not only as a physical being, a mental being, a soul being, but your true Aesthetic Spiritual Self within your Temple.

Luna “Wow that’s a really deep journey, going back to the beginning of time … you guys can ask him about that … you can talk to him privately or semi-privately in a class. Do you teach about how to go back or guide them?”
I can actually guide them, but normally I just go back and find out what’s wrong.
Luna “Oh, so he can do the work for you, and bringing you along is the optional part.”
Thank You
Luna “Thank you, if you would like to see more interview or some Tarot Forecasts and articles on Self Development, go to my website Oceanbluepsyche.com, on youtube and twitter i’m Luna del Tarot.”
Both “Later!”