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February 26, 2017 Dark Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Forecast : Let our Failures Ground and Guide Us

This weekend is looking to be crazy with what is in the news, physically, spiritually, energetically and astrologically. So while it is wonderful that what is ending is the phase of gloominess and austerity. And that a new phase of financial security is coming. The Five of Swords reminds us to stay humble and learn from our mistakes.

Benebell Wen says something that has a lot to do with this reading:
“What facet of the Five of Swords and Seven of Swords represent the inner self you are ashamed of? ”
You can read more in her blog post, Why the Suit of Swords is My Favorite

The astrological movements are Strong right now so it is a good time to set intentions for the next cycle.

I posted this on instagram 3 days ago and finally got around to recording and uploading a video for it. So this time the video has more content 😛

Reading for the New/Dark Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017 at 6:58 Pacific Time The cloudy days are gone, The Sun shines again! And financial security is coming! What helps us transition is to sit with ourselves in this ecliptic cycle and really see how far we had to fall to win this big. This will ground us, make us grateful, and help us plan for the future with all the lessons we have learned. By Luna Http://oceanbluepsyche.com If you want to watch me draw cards live go to my Periscope channel @lunadeltarot or check the replays on my youtube channel, user name : Luna del Tarot #newmoon #solareclipse #inspirational #tarot #forecast #beginnings #endings #cartomancy #divination #security #financialsecurity #fourofpentacles #fourofcoins #fiveofswords #SunRx #endingsandbeginnings #failure #success #bigwin #bigfailure #darkmoon

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Building Confidence in Skills and Grounding in Self-Love

January 5, 2017
Day 5 of the 31 days of Tarot Challenge
Ethony started this challenge, she has prompts on her page that I am not following. I’m just giving a public reading every day:
Today I used Periscope because it’s raining and my internet cuts out in the rain. FYI it’s AT&T and I’m canceling service soon because I don’t want to keep paying for broken internet.

Card of the day is the Five of Blooms ie the Five of cups. Being emotionally upset about things not going the way we want them to. After all the work we’v done planting seedlings, watering & nurturing them; they either don’t grow or grow some and then get cut down by some massive setback.
This is caused by delays, especially to new projects & plans, and lack of communication and trust between you and your audience. Maybe you aren’t sure if you can tell certain people about what you are doing, or they are doing things and that they don’t tell you about, or know some information or advice that might help you but they don’t want to tell you about it. Secrecy can be unsettling and make us distrustful of the our climate

We can ground in the Eight of Bones or Eight of Pentacles which is building our skillset(s) and specialty (or plural specialties if you are guided to focus on multiple) and not only improving ourselves but also our Confidence in ourselves, our work, our tenacity of character.

What crowns us is the reversed Knight of Bones ie Knight of Pentacles Rx, not looking for consistency in the external world and building it within us. Consistent inner work to calm and center ourselves so that we are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to Keep at it.

Best of luck everyone and Love Yourself even if the Universe doesn’t seem to love you. LoversRx : Self Love

Watch forecast on Periscope
Because my internet keeps dying on me.

It’s on Youtube also:

Seeing “problems” from a different Perspective and Grounding in what provides security

Today is January 2, 2017, day 2 of the 31 Days of Tarot Challenge. For today I decided to read about the nature of the challenges we face, and a different perspective of the issue.

What we think we know:
We think that the nature of the problem is our lack of fulfilment in this physical realm which makes us withdraw as we are disappointed in what the world is showing us.

What actually is:
When in actuality there are too many emotions and “masques” (temporal feelings that may not belong to us and are brought on by the environment) flying around that we are just confused and not sure if we are happy or not. The option to have emotional fulfillment is there for us.

A different perspective:
This of this as the World showing you everything it is, the Light, Shadow & Darkness, the positive & negative, all the confusing opportunities and options that are available if you choose to take them.

How to incorporate this:
Make of it what we will and align with what brings truth to us. Take the the information the World provides and process it internally.

We can ground in what provides security in the physical mundane world and let it enrich our emotional body with sustenance. Simple symbols of security can bring us comfort in times of stress, and keep us grounded when we are flying away chasing fleeing dreams (that belong to others). What crowns us today is not chasing after random distractions or wanton wishes, and instead, really looking within to see what we really desire. So instead of chasing after random butterflies flying all over the place in the outside world, we will create and our own butterflies from the dreams within us. If we are confused, we can ponder over what brings joy and go from there. The world is full of possibilities and we should look within for what truly inspires us instead of chasing after everything.

Reconnection & Recalibration

Swimming in the waves this Sunday allow me to cleanse myself and reconnected with the microcosm within myself as I let the worries and frustrations of the past go. Floating amongst the waves and letting the cold ocean water rinse off all energetic influences and slosh me around in waves allowed me to surrender my fears and anxieties. As my heart fast with the excitement and of being in moving water and felt it’s strength all around me, I exuded all the pent up negativity that had been piling up. I let myself acknowledge my vulnerability amidst the sloshing waves, as the heavily salted water went in my mouth, my eyes, my nose, my throat, drawing out all the energetic impurities I had accumulated this past cycle. With the release of clogged energy, emotions, fears, and worries, I was finally able to open up to reconnect with the world. I swam till my legs were too tired to run on land against the tug of the withdrawing tide, so I waited until the waves became smaller and gently flowed onto the beach. As I stepped back onto land, tired out from expulsion of clogged energy, vulnerability and anxiety, I was ready to relax and take in the day.

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In accordance with the message I received from Spirit, this Memorial Day weekend I spent time with friends and family, celebrating this life to honor the dead and all the blood, sweat and tears they shed to make this it possible for us to enjoy what we have. I thank Spirit for their message to rejoice and celebrate Together, sharing our joyful energy and embracing the vibrance of the day. Even though it was cast over and cold, we enjoyed ourselves in this relaxing adventure.

I came home from the beach relaxed and Energized! The perfect combination to start off the week! It also recalibrated my cycle and got me to an earlier sleep schedule which helps me prepare for early appointments later this week.

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On Monday night I went through a mechanical purge of the unhelpful past habit of burning out online working on projects till I was too tired to stay awake and then could not fall asleep at all due to nerves so I stayed up working on some Manifestation homework and finally went to bed at 6am when I REALLY was too tired and passed out as soon as I laid down.

Today, the day after the purge, I am DONE with my unhelpful habits of the past and ready to begin a new cycle! Centered, rejuvenated and cleansed by this weekend!

I will no longer desperately apply to projects and job openings that “look good” I Know that I have work, am completing work, and have enough financially to keep me going. I will focus on my self-development, my classes (self development & business), really learn from my coaching sessions, and Clean Up!

Dream : Exiting a Runaway Car, Grounding after losing myself in the rush

(Cards pictured are Quantum Tarot)
  Last night I had a dream that started off with me working on a group projects with classmates in college. It was a genuinely collaborative and friendly environment, which makes me think of the Three of Cups and the Three of Pentacles. When we were done, we went to clean up the work space and noticed some stuff left by some guys who had already left. We picked it up for them, planning to return it them when we had a chance. Then I drove off. While driving, I realized that my car brakes did not function at all, which made worry about getting into an accident. So I made an extra wide right turn (lanes were kinda reversed so going right was going into opposite lane and against traffic), noticing that everyone was aware of my car malfunctioning And they were also able to maneuver away from me and avoid a collision, and turned into an undeveloped area with dirt and tall wild grass. The friction caused by rolling over the natural terrain caused my car to halt. As I prepared to exit the car, I noticed that the left (driver’s side) of the vehicle was right smack against a tan-peach stucco wall so I would have to exit another door. And I awoke right as I exited the car.

  The key to the dream is realizing that I need to and can Ground myself when I lose myself in the rush of activity. I cherish and miss being amongst my peers (long long ago, in a place with no hierarchies) and I love the thrill of starting a new project. However the lack of mature and practical business sense combined with the creative energy of the Magician does not translate well into the physical realm, hence despite of how hopeful I stay, I am locked in habitual patterns that don’t work and lead to breakdowns.
  Hope keeps me alive, and drives me forward. Despite of all my crashes and breakdowns. Even when I crash in an emotional heap of burning anger, after I finish burning away the rage that flames inside of me, I look inward for the guiding candle of hope. Remembering to be thankful for all that I have gained and earned up to this point. Letting this soothing and gentle light fill my body and bring recovery.

  Instead of getting ahead of myself with exaggerated expectations for new projects and flipping out when they aren’t met, I should slow down, be thankful for what I have and learn to build up at a more sustainable pace in order to exit patterns of uncontrollable rush that have always lead to breakdowns.