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Allowing Divine Inspiration to Bring Abundance

Abundance is when we are in sync with the flow of the Universe which brings us what we need and more, nourishing our growth and expansion. It is also something that many people, including myself having some trouble with. So I wanted to do a reading on this and share my insight. I asked about how to be receptive to divine inspiration, how to understand the signs it provides, and then how to allow the flow of abundance to enter our lives. Being in flow is when our actions are aligned with the signs we are given, and also the divine inspiration that moves us forward. Divine inspiration Inspires us with positive, loving feelings, breakthroughs and confidence. Signs are just signals from the Universe that validate our path, they can be as simple as positive feedback from friends, clients, family, or suddenly receiving gifts when we least expect it. Allowing this all to come to us is what I consider the hardest, especially when we are so used to following certain “steps” or “classes” that are supposed to guarantee success and deviating from them can be scary and discouraging.

I liken it to swimming with or parallel to the current of a river instead of against or across/perpendicular to it. We swim with the current, which is our loving partner in life.

Divine InspirationWorld Rx comes from our inner world, it is formed from our thoughts, mindset, feelings, vibration, and spiritual essence. If we are not seeing the results we want in the external world, then it is time to expand and grow within, so that we may connect to Internal Wealth & Abundance. Because our connection to Divine Source is inside of ourselves, not in the external world.
SignsLovers Rx ask us if we are within integrity and harmony with ourselves. If we are able to love and trust ourselves, knowing that we are acting within Integrity, then it is a sign that we are on the right path.
AllowingDeath letting go of all the excessive and superficial things that the Ego is obsessed with holding onto and trusting the Universe to bring us what serves us best. Letting go of the Ego or External identity is like Dying in a sense.

We allow the old shell to die and crumble away so the seed of Abundance we planted can grow. A seed, which we planted within our inner world’s connection to Divine Source and nourished by our Self-Love/Confidence and Integrity. Death of the past Ego, the past Self allows our seed to grow as we move forward.

I also created a Guided Meditation to help us connect to the energy of Golden Prosperity and Abundant Expansion. Where Golden Balanced Prosperity is about being in flow with the Universe so that we have more than enough resources, food, shelter, human & energetic assistance for everything. We can also inspire others with our Prosperity. Excess is different, it is a negative turn that involves the Ego’s attempt to control the flow which leaves us overwhelmed.
My guided meditation encourages us to be in the flow of abundance as it travels through and around us, inspiring all those within our environment.

January 18, 2017 Going internal to facing our “inner demons”

Going internal to work on facing our “inner demons” and other problems of the psyche because external actions led to unwanted results. This Inner Work can involve issues with: mindset, self-esteem, self-confidence, ego, arrogance, negativity, hatred, fury, frustration. We do that because some pretty bad experiences and negative outcomes have taught us to remove ourselves from the prison of our fears and accept that what we did is not working.
What grounds us is Death: leaving behind what no longer serves us, let the Ego die.
What crowns us is 3 of Swords: Grieving for the ego, all this mental fear and emotional pain is unpleasant. It does serve a purpose, as it actually connects us to our emotional body which has been either repressed, ignored, or denied by the Ego Self.

I do have a video of my broadcast, but I do not have a photo of the cards because I was in quite a rush this day. So I took a photo at the end of the day with a message I received for myself from a guest speaker’s deck: The Sacred Rebels

#31daysoftarot so i'm posting even though it's late at night and my card of the day video got too long and overextended. So this is a card i drew for myself from a guest speaker's deck. #SacredFool : feeling like the silly #oddball #outcast because we are listening to our #heart and our intuitive connection with source. The word #Pariah came to me during a conversation and it really spoke to me and how i felt with what i'v been trying to do. I know that this year I am supposed to work with #Acceptance of myself and others. As they are reflections of aspects of myself. How has the beginning of 2017 been for you? Http://oceanbluepsyche.com Http://metaphysicalko.com Btw the deck is the Sacred Rebels created by Alana Fairchild and published by Blue Angel

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