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Building Internally through Integrity

Even though don’t think we “see” our inner self, what we see and interpret in our external environment actually are reflections of the state of things internally.

So we find our inner truth to rectify our approach in the external world. To act with purpose and full awareness of who and what we are. In this way, may our actions echo the words that we speak and align with our thoughts and our integrity.

I don’t always write posts about my daily tarot readings, but today’s reading was so poignant and within resonance with the Dark Moon Solar Eclipse phenomena and what is happening this weekend, that I had to post it.

The cards I pulled in my live draw are the Reversed Three of Coins, or Three of Pentacles RX and the Reverse Page of Swords, or Knave of Swords Rx

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Three of Roses/Coins Rx Building ourselves internally as we work with stabilizing our energetic foundation through mental and emotional focus.

Knave of Crosses/Swords Rx Finding the truth within ourselves as we build.

Reversed cards can indicate a time to go inward and on our mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual selves.

This matches up with the Dark Moon Solar Eclipse coming up.

Well wishes for all this weekend as we delve into our inner realms.

These beautiful cards are the Favole Tarot by Victoria Frances accent on the e

A day at the Transformation and Wellness Faire : Today is about Protection and Inner Emotional Fulfillment

And even though it rained like mad last night, today was rain-free surprisingly. So no “so-cal storm” like I had been talking about in my previous videos.

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Hello everyone, I spent the day at the Transformation and Wellness Fair giving readings along with other readers and healers there. This fair happens on the third Saturday of every month at Healing Key in Long Beach, CA USA. You can watch my interview of the store owner Maria Lomeli here and also an interview of the faire coordinator Dr. Jennifer Vest here.

I also went on my Periscope Channel and Facebook like to broadcast the cards of the day. Which are here:

I the Eight of Wands Reversed for Periscope and the Nine of Wands with the Ace of Cups Reversed for Facebook Live. Here is my facebook live replay:

If you weren’t able to stop by today, you try another month! I will keep you updated on when I’l be at the fair!

January 23, 2017 Relaxing and working on a Good Routine

January 19, 2017 Meditation for Nourishing Creativity, then Pick a Card!

An Oracle card for today!
Creativity Rx

Does your external work or habits seem to lack creativity to them? Do they feel boring or monotonous? Do your plans seem dull?
Then enliven your life and nourish your inner creativity by allowing yourself to be different, instead of keeping to one topic, bring your ideas to center around something completely different! Allow yourself to think new things and try ways to motivate yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your belly. Take three deep breaths. Ask it what it hungers for, then picture yourself feeding it this desire. Then move your focus up the body, visualizing rainbow liquid coming from your belly up to your heart, your throat and your mind. Let this creative liquid slosh around your head, dripping over your eyes, swirling in your forehead, flowing over your ears, back of the head and top of the head. Let the waves crash over the top of your head and picture yourself surfing on the highest crest! Then mentally or physically yell Yippee! And jump into the rainbow sea! Now finish this story, does the water turn into a candy sea? Or a clear lake with relaxing bubbles all around? Do you swim into the depths and dive for treasure? Or do you float up into the sky in a rainbow bubble of light?

Let me know what You envision yourself doing!
And however the story ends, write it down and then begin the rest of your life from there.
Have a playful Thursday!

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I wanted to do something different : Pick a card! (Out of 3 choices) As a fun topic point for the day.
After watching the video, you can look to these questions for ideas on how to work with the story inside the car

Knight of Swords Rx : How can you be more reserved and less reckless? Instead of dashing into external danger, look towards yourself and question: What is causing this behavior and how can I try some odd new activity to ease my psyche?
Four of Wands : What does a joyful home environment mean for you? How do you bring joy and an air of celebration to your household? Maybe it’s party time!
Sun : What has the beauty of Truth revealed to you? Are you able to bask in the golden glow of life’s fortune with gratitude, thankfulness and self-love?

January 18, 2017 Going internal to facing our “inner demons”

Going internal to work on facing our “inner demons” and other problems of the psyche because external actions led to unwanted results. This Inner Work can involve issues with: mindset, self-esteem, self-confidence, ego, arrogance, negativity, hatred, fury, frustration. We do that because some pretty bad experiences and negative outcomes have taught us to remove ourselves from the prison of our fears and accept that what we did is not working.
What grounds us is Death: leaving behind what no longer serves us, let the Ego die.
What crowns us is 3 of Swords: Grieving for the ego, all this mental fear and emotional pain is unpleasant. It does serve a purpose, as it actually connects us to our emotional body which has been either repressed, ignored, or denied by the Ego Self.

I do have a video of my broadcast, but I do not have a photo of the cards because I was in quite a rush this day. So I took a photo at the end of the day with a message I received for myself from a guest speaker’s deck: The Sacred Rebels

#31daysoftarot so i'm posting even though it's late at night and my card of the day video got too long and overextended. So this is a card i drew for myself from a guest speaker's deck. #SacredFool : feeling like the silly #oddball #outcast because we are listening to our #heart and our intuitive connection with source. The word #Pariah came to me during a conversation and it really spoke to me and how i felt with what i'v been trying to do. I know that this year I am supposed to work with #Acceptance of myself and others. As they are reflections of aspects of myself. How has the beginning of 2017 been for you? Http://oceanbluepsyche.com Http://metaphysicalko.com Btw the deck is the Sacred Rebels created by Alana Fairchild and published by Blue Angel

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