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Reading about Memorial Day Weekend and Commemorating the Spirits of those who have passed

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. So I decided to ask about how to commemorate and honor the Spirits of those who have passed. Since this is also a three day weekend, I decided to ask about what will be happening this weekend and how to make the most of it!

I asked about:

  • What the weekend has for us: Fast movement and lots of events happenings!
  • How to prepare ourselves: Don’t try to logically analyze everything, we will have connect to our emotions, open up to the universe and let our intuition guide us. Don’t forget the logic, just don’t rely solely on logical analysis. Our emotional & intuitive connection with the universe will allow us to improvise with the speedy unfolding of events.
  • How to handle the weekend: Build inner creativity so that we can change our inner world of feelings to improvise with what is happening outside and deal with the outer storm. For example, being able to become calm in tense and or crazy situations, or bringing an uplifting energy to somber situations. Inner creativity causes the outer world to change, we are indirectly altering the outside instead of directly/physically changing things. This is an inner change that causes outer effects to surface.
  • Message from Spirit: Stick with your plan and or routine. This is not a time to change things up on the outside, even when we stay flexible inside.
  • How to commemorate them: Acknowledge our times and attributes of “weakness”. This is a way to grow as a person because outward acceptance of our weakness makes us strong inside. The Spirits want to me commemorated through us building inner strength. Acknowledging their passing and letting us feel mortal vulnerability that surfaces from it connects us all.
  • How to Honor them: Rejoice! The ancestors and those who have fought hard so that we can enjoy life want us to REALLY ENJOY it! After all, that is what they worked and fought so hard for! So party it up and make them Proud of their work and sacrifice!
  • What Grounds us (what keeps us centered and stable): Knowing our physical base is secure, our physical home, finances, food & shelter. Knowing that we are safe in our “home” keeps us grounded. And if we are working towards financial security, then staying aware of what we are working towards and knowing it (instead of splurging on unnecessary shiny objects because we are grasping at straws in desperation and burning out).
  • What Crowns us (what is best for us to aim for): Staying within Integrity to ourselves, with the rapid unfolding of events and expanding our capability to emotionally improvise with illogical situations. We must know ourselves and what is best for us so that we don’t lose ourselves [negatively] in the moment. This is what keeps us strong, what defines our character, and crowns the moments.

Remember to stop by the Multidimensional School of Healing Arts & Sciences Holistic Fair this Saturday, May 28 between 11am and 5pm to meet all the healers, intuitives, mediums, psychics, divination specialists and therapists! Make sure you also check out what all the vendors have. It is a fun and eclectic mix! Other than giving Tarot & Oracle card readings, I will also be vending Triple Moon Goddess Manifestation oil along with the scrubs: Purge & Purify and Tree of Life made by Lyn Pacificar. Lyn also hand selected beautiful Brazilian Quartz points and Nepalese Black Tourmaline stones for me to showcase at my the table. I will also have The Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll. This is the deck i use Every day because of how powerful the symbols are.

Here is my video, i placed it below my post because what I wrote is more concise and well thought out than what I said when I was reading on the spot. What I said on Periscope makes sense, I was just able to organize my thoughts better and write a better post Afterwards.

Interview + Angel Message for the week from Angel Medium Gera Farkas

We have an Angel Message of the week from Angel Medium Gera Farka‘s interview! You can find the video on Periscope within 24 hrs of filming OR you can just look at my youtube upload of the interview here:

The Joy Angels want to speak to us and remind us to be joyful and celebrate what brings us joy in our live 🙂

Apologies for the strange angle of the camera, i’m still learning how to use periscope. My other videos will be Vertical from now on.

Schedule of Scopes!

  • Interviews of Intuitives/Psychics/Mediums/Energy Healers planned every Wednesday between 12-1pm so make sure you watch my channel then!
  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm


I also have a youtube channel here for you to catch the replays!
Luna Obscura Tarot

Daily Reading and Reflection for March 3, 2016 : Trust Work Transformation

Today was a busy day!

I love using Marcella Kroll‘s Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck!
0302Daily Reading
Today is a day of Focused Work done for the purpose as Tranformation and Beautiful blossoming of my spirit as i Metamorphosize into a new creature, the one representing this next phase of my life, or current phase, when i shed the cocoon of the past. What grounds me is Love, from my surroundings, the divine support of the Universe, encouraging me as i bustle about my day. Ultimately, this day will ease my storm and all that has gathered inside the self and outside, around me.

It was a busy day: preparing for a job interview, meeting people who were taking some of my overgrown plants, and calling to discuss a freelancing appointment. I only had time for physical therapy because a tutoring client cancelled. I am Really thankful i was given this time to do physical therapy since it has been 2 weeks since the last time i worked it. Then right when i was wondering about money, another student schedule a last minute class tomorrow. Thank You Universe! After finishing my physical therapy workout i quickly ate three bags of snacks before rushing over to class. I find out that class is cancelled, but by the grace of the universe i was given a session with Rev. Danielle Marie as compensation (i can’t find her personal web page). This was my first time getting a reading from her and i was very curious since she is the founder of the Temple of Light. I chattered a lot when she first asked me about what i had questions on and my words traveled up and away from me. She brought us back and asked about why i wanted to connect to the 5th dimension. I want to know what to do when i am confused, feeling lost and or lonely and helpless. I want to receive guidance. I want to feel connected to the all that is.

She told me that the guides said my issue was Trust, and as i heard this i listed several external reasons as to why i could not trust the external. Then she brought me back and said that trust is an inner issue relating to the self. Do i trust that i know enough, do i trust that i have done enough, do i trust that i can feel ok with trusting others, do i trust that i can act properly when others do things that hurt us, do i trust that i will be capable of facing the awkward and painful situations in life, do i trust that i will be strong enough to break away from people who are toxic to me, Do I Trust The Universe to give me what i asked for.

Other points she touched on are Quiet Time & Patience: Can i trust, and wait for the Universe to give me what i have been working hard for, and not drop all my work and pick up something else to work on. Can i quiet my mind and patiently wait for the answer i seek to come to me. Am i comfortable with silence

At the end she let me pull a card (this is one of Stewart Pearce‘s decks, don’t remember the exact name)


Benediction : blessings of support from the universe

Do i trust that i Deserve them? Do i trust that i am loved and worthy of them, and that they will come to me?

Can we trust ourselves enough to believe that we are Good Enough, that we are Better than Good Enough, that we are Unique to this time & place and that the Universe loves us and sends us love and support.

Can we trust enough to not block out the love, support and guidance?

This calmed my inner storm and i went home eager to cook and eat a healthy meal. While cooking i noticed pressure in my right nasal cavity, a periodic releases of pressure in that area. It could be the weather, something about my body today, or a representation of the clearing going on within me.

When i finish this i will get ready for bed and try this new meditation technique Rev. Danielle Marie also taught me 😀

Thursday, February 18 Reading & Soulmate Confusion

I had a really interesting reading today, in which all cards were right side up and i got both Yin 陰 and Yang 陽! I like to use oracle cards and read them both intuitively and also with the booklet. I will use use the instructional meaning for the right side up version and then intuitively read the reversal, since most oracle decks, including this one, do not come with reversal meanings … in fact, None of the ones i own have a “reversal” meaning, not even Visionary Tarot which is kinda like tarot but a little different. This deck, Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards, does come with a massive and very descriptive instructional booklet though 😀 . So far i have ignored the entire introduction and just looked up a few meanings while i read with random spreads. I have been using familiar spreads as often as my own spreads lately, and i will write another post about “creating” your own spreads: more like thinking “hey i want this card in this position to mean this” and then shuffling and laying them out that way … it really is that easy.

Here is my collage of the main Daily reading in the center with some additional celtic crosses read from the bottom of the deck or “shadow side” as some online sources call it. ( i am currently working on a post about my customized spreads … …. and collecting photos for them 🙂 … preview notes: i like to ask yes or no questions even though it is highly discouraged among most readers … it really depends on What you are asking yes/no for, if it is “appropriate” and whether or not the spirits actually Want to give you an answer … if they Don’t want to answer, then they say Both yes & no, which has happened to me)

…..image taken down because i do not have permission to post images of the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck……

Allow, Feel, Know and then Act and Create

I keep going around in circles because I have unfinished business to attend to. Now is a time of regeneration, to revive and rebuild my unfinished symphonies. Be receptive of what comes, allowing information and events to flow into my life, and then act upon them.

Right now is a time of acceptance, so let the tension go, and soon I will be receiving help. In the distant past I was happy, then i went through some difficulty accepting a message. In the future I will deal with feelings of being lost and alone. An issue that I should be dealing with is my conflicted feelings surrounding exchanging gifts equitably. Now am not following the lead of others and also not mending wounds that need to be healed, i am worried about a lack of reward but all my hard work but I am headed towards a mother load of Treasure and pay off!

Personal Notes
I have issues with feeling taken advantage of, Really being taken advantage of, trying really hard to make clients happy with my ventures, only to face a bunch of hagglers who want to pay me less than minimum wage and don’t even consider the fact that i have to pay my bills and manage all this time i’m putting into what i give … right now i gave up trying to get paid for my “work” and mostly volunteer with organizations or do skill trade with people who Appreciate my work and are unable to pay for it with money. However, I do receive a Really nice skill trade and i Really appreciate what they give in exchange.
Sometimes i want to keep giving things to friends and they will neither want nor need what i want to offer … plants, advice, food, assistance … it gets silly … on my part … and then a good friend will remind me that it is not my business to worry about others as i must prioritize myself and my daughter so that we are both taken care of first before i attempt to assist others. I like giving, I like helping others, and i have a ton of info in my head that spills out of my mouth when i chat. However, I need to remember to not lecture people and overload with with random info they are not interested in hearing. Even if it may help them, if they don’t want to hear it, they won’t, and it Won’t help them.

(back to the reading)
Also, there is a change in the wind and when I can look at everything from a distance, hence gaining some perspective, I will have a better understanding of everything. It is best to be poised & ready! In the past I had difficulty finding the truth, then I had trouble aligning myself with the divine timing that was available (bad time management!!). The Future brings difficulty resting or sleeping. Now I am in resonance with soulmate energy as it is time to go and move into the future. I fear not having gone as far as i needed to with my current projects, and hence my reluctance with dropping some. However, I am on my way to meeting and being amongst my people!

personal notes
i have been sleeping very little and or very late … usually a combination of both … as i stay up late catching up to all my work and whatever else is needed to complete my projects … last week i stayed up late dancing and working on choreography for a dance competition that was on February 13 and 14. I didn’t place but it was FUN and a Great experience in general 😀 … this weekend I will be out learning about intuitive reading and new age spirituality.

Soul Mate Confusion
So the night before (or morning of lol) the 18th i had a very restless dream where i met an ex (the same guy who gave me a coffin in that last post) who was now dating someone else and for some reason all three of us kept hanging out. I was glad that the ex was in happy relationship with this new woman (and not interested in him at all) but i didn’t want to constantly be around them, it was Uncomfortable. So this day i did many other readings and the soulmate cards in two different oracle decks kept popping up and i was perplexed and wondering why?? Since i did and confirmed that 1) We are not soul mates 2) We already cut cords on BOTH ends. THEN i did a reading asking if this person was just how my psyche represented my soulmate and i got YES which made me feel SO Relieved!!!

SO the main thing about Soul Mate Confusion i wanted to write here is that our psyche will mix fantasy with reality, past with the murmurs of the future, and create fantastical illusions that although elude to a truth, are not 100% logical/reasonable and may be difficult to understand. Like being in sync with soul mate energy and then see an ex in a dream … Anyone else have had their psyche use images of people from the past to represent certain archetypes (like a soul mate, twin flame or teacher) in a Confusing way in visions and or dreams?

Daily Reading for Friday February 19

2016 February 19

This day is about Growth. I may feel ungrounded at times but the ancient magic is supporting me. What grounds me is Fire and what crowns me is releasing and escaping from jealousy. To not be jealous of others and also not catch or be bothered by the jealousy of others.

Time to meditate as the spirits support and guide me. I may have difficulty harnessing my power but a breakthrough is coming as I am on a Luck Streak! My environment conceals things from me as I wonder about the flow of energy from talismans I have created to symbolize manifestation. Wonder about possible improper energy flow regarding my crystals that could be more fluid. The outcome is a time of Work as I learn a valuable lesson which strengthens my foundation.

Now I am having difficulty cutting certain cords and am faced with difficulty pushing negativity out of my being. What crowns me is accepting gifts where nothing is asked in return, knowing there is no “catch” to this generous offer. Elements of my past that influence me are messages, and not connecting with the outside world. In the future I may encounter a difficulty with cleansing. Now I am not seeing the full manifestation of my work, but I am in a mode of Logical reasoning and wonder whether I am expressing enough gratitude today. The outcome is Love unconditional & universal love that embraces my soul!

This was the day i finally wrote another entry in my blog after delaying. Writing more shows and assists in my Growth. It was an important day as I finally decided on whether or not i would be going to the Conscious Life Expo this weekend. Unsure of the availability of childcare, a place to spend the night, and whether or not I would see virtual and real life friends on this trip.

Looking back at the weekend, I am glad that I went and Thankful for my experiences this wonderful weekend. I believe the energy of Growth was expressed this Entire weekend.