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Grounding with The Arrow Custom Card Layout/Spread

I am in a Tarot Jouraling group who’s theme this week is Grounding, which is important to all of us. As we go through our day, knowing what keeps us centered and grounded can help us deal with life’s frustrations. I actually like to tack on Grounding and Crownings cards to virtually All my readings because they Really help me out, especially when I am going through personal drama, burn out, or a breakdown caused by all those combined with the burden of all my freelance and personal projects that I am working on.

The Arrow

The Arrow - Grounding

  • 1 The Self : How I am am in this present moments
  • 2 & 3 How the situation I am in affects mes
  • 4, 5, & 6 What helps to ground mes
  • 7 What is at my Core. What drives me and keeps me going, and or the core project or issue that I am working on.
  • 8 What Crowns me in this situations

So after making this and calling it The Arrow instead of The Tree like I was considering, I realized that The Green Arrow is the name of a Marvel Super Hero and a Television series named after him. I find this coincidence very interesting because he is an Archer, a person who uses a bow and arrows! The symbol for Focus in the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll is a bow and arrow! oo synchronicity!


Grounding helps me focus. Focusing help me Ground. A unique statement who’s converse has the same Truth Value, hence if you negate it, it will also be False->False both ways.

Here is the reading I did for myself:
The Arrow : my spread

I am working with Spirit to manifest my goals. The current situation brings domestic instability, hence I become more nurturing by connecting to the Earth energy and solidifying my confidence so that I can support others. What grounds me is my analytical capabilities combined with my focus on goals while not distracting myself with idle chatter. At my core I am working towards balancing all the different aspects of my life, and what crowns or highlights my experience is the love and harmony that I share with the Universe, which encompasses me and all of everything.

While we rush about our day, trying to maintain the balance or time, the flow of money in and out of our lives, and the nurturing of ourselves as well as others; keeping a space for love in our hearts: where we can love ourselves and know that the Universe loves us, makes the whole world magical. Here, in this is a crazy magical wonderland, we stand with our soul and apply wit and focus to the vibration of our hearts as we pass through various mazes and portals.

Also! I am going to start hosting weekly Periscope talks starting Next week! Next week I will be on Periscope hosting a talk about Grounding on Monday 5/9 and Tuesday 5/10 at 12pm Pacific time. I am trying to decide which day is better for people, but I will be live on Periscope on Both days from 12-12:30pm Pacific time. Make sure to follow me @lunadeltarot!

Customized Spreads 1 : Daily Readings and Simple Yes/No Topics

Daily Readings

For my Daily Reading i like to use the adjustable 3 card spread, and then add a grounding card at the bottom and a crowning card on top. Many readers have spoken of this spread, I personally really like Biddy Tarot‘s description which can be seen in this youtube video

You can see examples of my Daily Readings in many entries, some of my recent ones are:

Yes/No Questions

Disclaimer: Yes/No spreads are often discouraged because people often ask either open-ended or improper questions that Spirit does not want to answer.

I make it a point to ask Simple questions or clarification requests when inquiring about a Yes/No question. A good example is getting the 2 of Cups in a reading and wondering Who should I talk to? In which I will ask for clarification as I list some people in my head: 1 Parents, 2 Friends, 3 Coworkers, etc. You can see how this is appropriately simple since I am asking a closed question and am getting simple answers.

How to Determine When Spirit Does Not Want to Give a Yes/No Answer

You after you ask your questions and get Validation, you ask the opposite: What about not doing ______? Or if you get negation, you ask: What if i Do _____? If you get conflicting replies (as in they agree with both doing and not doing something) then You are supposed to make your own mind because Spirit wants you respect your own Free Will.

This happens, and the frequency depends on what type of questions you like to ask. I noticed that when I ask silly questions I will get this.

General Topic Inquiry

I also like to layout cards in a line and assign a meaning for each one. A good example is asking what I should focus on? Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, or Topic 4, then I layout the cards in that order and see which ones are right side up.

Triangular Format

Triangular Card layouts appeal to me so I will often let spirit know (i speak in my mind, sometimes out loud) that a second row consisting of two cards each will clarify each topic for me. I do this for both the Yes/No and General Topic Inquiry Spreads.

Example of a Yes/No & Topic Inquiry Combo with Triangular Format Clarification
I was staying at a friend’s place, she was sick, and had been resting most of the time i was there. So I was wondering if i should just hang out with her room mate (that i had just met) since she said she didn’t mind me hanging out with him.

I asked about 1) Hanging out with my female friend 2) Hanging out with her male room mate 3) All Three of us Hanging Out

who to  hang out with

  1. Since my female friend is sick, she is not going to be able to spend a bunch of time with me, nor is she interested in going out.
  2. Spending time with her male room mate will let a cord die off as we proceed with strength and nontraditional energy.
  3. All Three of us spending time together will result in Love & Harmony as we (probably mainly Me) stop worrying over something as silly as this and we let fate spin the wheel and lead us to our next adventure!

Love and Harmony wins the night as we all go out to dinner together and have a wonderful time chatting 😀 Something does change within the dynamic of our link to each other. I find out that my friend is interested in learning dance from me and possibly performing with me. I find out that her room mate also travels to perform and we all like travel 🙂 We joke about traveling together and performing. Then I head home early, without giving my friend any fun dance lessons because she is still recovering.