I also uploaded a video for the 31 Days of Tarot Challenge to where the topic was about what was the favorite bag or box for me to store my Tarot & Oracle cards in. I don’t have a “favorite”, I just like to use fabric bags, and even made some of my own!


  • Some say plastic or “synthetic” material containers are bad but don’t listen to them, use whatever works for you.
  • Boxes and plastic bags started breaking on me, which is why I switched to fabric bags.
  • Making bags is simple, and fun 🙂

The big one was what my parents got from a hotel and had accessories in it like toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb, the fish and the black multicolored ones are from Daiso which is a Japanese $1.50 store that I love to browse, I even got the white string and beautiful and colorful #chirimen fabric there! I like to use the chirimen fabric to make small bags for my Tarot cards because the Daiso bags are best for miniature cards. You can see the black bag doesn’t close over the standard sized tarot cards I put in there. I was also planning to make more bags but I want them to be multicolored/patterned and I am waiting till I have a good variety color and pattern matching pieces before I make anything. I am most likely going to just use the generic fabric store fabric which I have a ton of already to make more Tarot and Oracle Card bags.