We are still in a phase of collective psychic and intuitive development as our group consciousness has awakened through a recent breakthrough manifested in the physical realm as the Women’s Marches which were an International phenomena in which people of all different backgrounds and gender orientations collaborated with each other. This movement made many people wake up from monotonous drudgery to re-engage and reconnect the world in ways that they had been avoiding before. This time our Spirit Guides and Guardian angels are actually taking a step back and allowing us to develop our multidimensional human senses so that we can recognize the true limitless quality of our human selves and acknowledge the responsibility we have over our own lives as well as the biological and socio-economic conditions of our immediate surroundings and the rest of the world. Our entire planet is interconnected biosphere and everything we do has an affect on it.

What grounds us in Knowledge and Learning so that we can make further sense of things, especially when we are opening up to new sensations that come with intuitive and psychic development. Sometimes we don’t understand what these sensations or signs from the Universe mean, so we can study them, whether introspectively within our own psyche, or externally through research. Thus may we expand our knowing of what is going on, how it affects us and the world, how we can, in turn, affect it. Why these things are happening and what we want to change things. What is our true purpose as sentient creatures in a fluctuating and evolving environment.

What crowns us is letting go of a past that no longer serves us. The old guard is dying out and we are here to bring about a new era.

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The conclusion I came to in my Periscope and Facebook Live Forecasts shows that we are looking past disappointments into the future while moving into a more active state. No longer being passive to what happens around us. We are moving to a better situation which allows us to be more emotionally engaged but we still have thoughts causing mental self-torture. There are a lot of things happening and over-thinking them only makes us more confused, angry or hurt. So learning to take charge of our mind and engage in regular self-care practices can help stay be more balanced and live in sync with the Universe.

Here are some good self-care practices for the Mind, Body and Spirit:
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