FAQ & Disclaimers


You are fully physically, legally, emotionally, and spirituality responsible for what you do with the information I provide for you on my website: in my videos, posts, forecasts, interviews, & reviews. I will try my best to give you accurate and empowering information as I am experienced in divination and advising. However, I am not a licensed Mental or Physical Health professional so all readings are for entertainment purposes only. Make of the information what you will.

Can I give coaching sessions in other languages?

Yes I can, it will also take me some time to translate and grammar check everything. In addition to English, I can read and write in Mandarin Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Spanish, and Japanese. Occasionally, I give forecasts in languages other than English.

Asking questions about someone else:

If you want to ask questions about someone else, it is up to my discretion to Change your question into a more self-reflective and empowering format.

Why are you changing my question into to something different?

So that I can provide useful and Empowering information instead of letting you drown in negativity and defeatism. I am here to help you and not be a sounding board. A great place to find a sounding board full of people to vent to is Facebook.

Physical, Mental & Legal Health questions:

Although I understand many psychological concepts and functions, I am not licensed nor trained to provide diagnoses or treatment for physical and mental health issues. I am also not qualified to provide legal advice. Hence I will not provide physical, mental or legal health advice other than recommended that you see a professional in that area, or maybe some simple exercises and healthy eating tips. I absolutely will not provide any legal advice, but I can recommend certain types of lawyers.
In case of emergency, it is my ethical obligation to alert a medical authority on your behalf. Trust me, this is extreme and rare; if it ever happens to you, consider it an Angelic intervention.

Does Tarot have demonic origins or capabilities?

No. Tarot cards have a rich history that goes back to the fifteenth century in northern Italy, and that spans many countries and cultures. Most scholars agree the earliest known decks reflect a Medieval Christian mindset and depict an allegory of the triumph of God’s will, although the illustrations also draw upon ancient mythology. While cards like Death and the Devil do appear in the deck, these concepts also appeared in the Bible, and modern tarot readers utilize a metaphorical reading of these cards. Modern decks now associate the cards with all kinds of philosophies, cultures and religions. In my opinion the allegory in the cards depicts a Fool’s Journey as he seeks to become the Hero of his own life.

In regards to “bad energy” and “curses”, I just don’t work with that stuff, it has nothing to do with what I do as a divination and problem solving specialist. And honestly, Tarot cards are CARDS; associating them with ANYTHING is up to your discretion. Poker cards and “magic 8 balls” are also used for divination.