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Interviews of Holistic So-Cal Community Members

Southern California is full of many wonderful Psychics, Mediums, Healers, and Divination experts. Therefore Luna wishes to show them to the public so as to provide a resource for people who are seeking guidance. In these Interviews the holistic professional introduces themself, talks about how their life led them to their work, and also gives advice to the viewer. There are many professionals who are passionate about a diverse variety of holistic and spiritual topics. Please enjoy the eclectic selection that I have on my channel!


Event Reviews and Panel/Lecture Recordings

There are many fun events and wonderfully informative Panels and Lectures about Integrative Healing and Medicine that Luna attends and reports from. These events include Scientific & Medical Researchers, Counselors, Healers, Psychics, Mediums, and fun vendors! You can find these reports in the Reviews section of this site.



Online Intuitive Counseling with Luna

I assist people with achieving Clarity through a Holistic approach of combining Logical Analysis with Intuition. As we look into the psyche we find that symbols are a way in which we tangibly connect with Spirit, they guide us as we dive deeper into layers of awareness to find unseen energies and identify the causes of the issue at hand. Thus helping us with self-reflection & inner work, analysis & growth.

I have a background in Esoteric Studies and have been working with Tarot since 2000. At the start of the new millennium I encountered these beautiful divination tools and began delving into a world of messages and symbols from the collective consciousness and Spirit. This study of the psyche has led me to other forms and methods of connecting to Spirit, the Universe, and the energy around and within us. I have always been an avid writer and have filled up countless journals with my personal Spiritual Journey, I wish to help people with my intuitive insight while expressing my literary self via articles and journal entries about Self Development, Problem Solving and Divination.


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