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Schedule Changes for Tarot Forecasts and Interviews

Hello everyone, I have to change my schedule for Tarot Forecasts and Interviews because I my schedule is still irregular and it’s difficult to maintain these set times. Also, I will not be on Periscope regularly, I realized that sometimes my phone does not have adequate reception so I just record and then upload onto youtube. I Will be scoping from any events I attend so you guys can check them out, and my Tarot forecasts and Interviews, along with other postings will definitely continue, so stay tuned!

also: I am preparing a New Moon reading for this Saturday :3

Tarot & Oracle Deck Copyright Permission & Periscope News!

Hello everyone, I am waiting for ALL the tarot deck publishers that I have contacted to reply with permission to use the deck on my website and in social media! So far a few publishers and deck artists have written back to me, and I am still waiting for a few to reply so there will be less posts.

I became aware of this when Biddy Tarot posted about it in her newsletter. It is Really important to understand legalities around using images of decks so go read her post here And here is a direct link to US Games Copyright info here New Product Guidelines & Copyright Forms for U.S Games

Also, I am on Periscope! So check out my channel to see some daily readings and interviews! @lunadeltarot

Schedule of Scopes!

  • Interviews of Intuitives/Psychics/Mediums/Energy Healers planned every Wednesday between 12-1pm so make sure you watch my channel then!
  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm