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Moving House : New Site & New Topics

Hello everyone, I have not updated Ocean Blue Psyche in a really long time because I have “rebranded” and decided to focus on a different topic.

My new website is :
Metaphysical Knock Out

That is where I will be posting from now on.

Ocean Blue Psyche is still up for now, but I plan to erase it completely and then migrate my most poignant posts to Metaphysical Knock Out. I didn’t plan on writing a long explanation but it is turning into a lot :

I was too sick to work for an ENTIRE year, when I FINALLY recovered, I was asked Repeatedly to work either for free or trade for things that would NOT pay my bills. People who said they weren’t going to pay me NEVER DID. People telling me that they’l help me find a job but THEY DON’T. People asking for stuff without offering to pay me for it or even help share my work on social media to at least get me noticed. People superficially liking my posts even though they had Absolutely No Interest in what I did, they wanted to “be nice”. The only ONE person who shared my posts was in a competitor market with no possible clientele, so it didn’t help me AT ALL. And then a friend told me something that changed my life “People will pay for what they want. If they don’t want to pay you then you just aren’t ‘good enough’ for the market. Those people who keep complimenting you are lying.” Which I TOTALLY agree with. She was a VERY helpful person with a professional corporate background who analyzed my website, gave me marketing & business advice. Basically, I Never hit my target clientele, nobody needs to be superficial and give me empty compliments or like my crap to “be nice” OK. This is after I spent close to $4,000 on online business classes and business coaching which helped Other people break six figures but DID NOT HELP ME AT ALL. I worked so hard trying to make my holistic business work out that I GOT SICK AGAIN. That combined with a YEAR of medical bills that I paid for Out Of Pocket because holistic care and herbal medicine is NOT included in my below poverty level medical insurance plan. Yeah, I had so little income that I was eligible for all sorts of federal aid like medical. I REFUSED to go back on Food stamps though.

When I graduated from college 3 years ago I went from being a hopeful graduate hoping to get a BASIC office job to an Overly Stressed single mom who was getting blocked on social media for “self promotion” when I tried to promote my classes in order to earn some damn income. I had applied to over 300 jobs and been told REPEATEDLY that I did not have enough experience. I was sleeping so little that I lost Half of my hair, I now have a Natural Asymmetrical hair length style thing because of that. I really don’t know why I was not offered an office job … considering I had friends telling me “Wow you are so talented. Did you go to a school for the gifted?” and some people telling me their company was hiring and they want to hire me but they DON’T. AND I had over 5 years of Retail Sales experience with managers who said I was a great Team worker and could vouch for me. (I was refusing to go back to a mall job because I had a friggin College Degree OK) I will take it as a challenge from the Universe for me to COMPLETELY change and go deep into the past and the unhealthy habits I had learned to live with.

What broke me down the most was when I had to quit everything I loved and enjoyed (the “hobbies”) because it had become so stressful trying to earn ANY form of income from it that I started to HATE those activities and begrudge anyone else who had any inkling of support or success. I had to let go of everything and anything I was proud of …. I pealed off the layers of my persona SO much that I was RAW. PURE RAWNESS. And it was there that I finally found myself … when I asked Spirit for help and why they didn’t give me more answers, Spirit told me that they HAD been talking to me but I was bad at listening. I can’t say that I have completely found myself because I believe that life is a learning process and there is always more to learn about the Universe and our own microcosm/perception of the Self. Plus we grow and change so we find different things each time we “search”, which is both challenging and fun!

It may be difficult to move forward, we may feel swamped or blocked at every turn. However when you take a step back and a couple further away from the chaotic cloud, you will be able to gain the perspective you need to find a path through it all. Yes we can go around, Over or Under the mess, but complete avoidance will get back to us as eventually, when the Universe returns us to the lesson we have been refusing to learn.

Inner strength is not found in Resisting the motion but rather to flow with it and change ourselves in a way which affects the environment. This is the quiet, unseen strength that drives the energetic thread of reality.

What is subtle, unseen and barely noticed, like a player who plays by the rules and breaks the game. Changing it into something else … into a wonderful adventure that is boundless and has no rules.

Have Fun

Metaphysical Knock Out

(PS Yes I finally got a full time day job and I am working on projects on the side. I also had to take out a personal loan in order to cover all those medical expenses and bills I accrued during the time I was sick. So now I am trying to pay that loan off WITH $50,0000 worth of student loans. In case you are wondering, I did turned off my internet to reduce bills when I was sick.)

If you are still reading, maybe you want to read about what what I learned from my experience. I learned that over-working was bad for both me and my kid. I learned that I drove myself crazy doing too many things at once. I learned that I am an individual and what worked for someone else might not work for me. I learned that I must not drive myself crazy with unrealistic expectations and that I should tell people who are pressuring me with Theirs to Fuck Off. I learned that even though I’m naturally a hard worker who loves to give. I can not give so much that I work myself sick. I MUST Demand that I receive something in Exchange. (I have been taken advantage of enough already) I learned that when I try to run my own business it is best for me to Either go slowly or get help. I learned that when I try too hard on social media I confuse myself with what’s going on. I learned that I need to take care of myself in order to properly advise and care for others. The overworking only disconnected me from the truth within, my own inner guidance and connection with Spirit. I learned that even though others can help to guide me back to my answer, it was ultimately within me. I learned to look within FOR my answers.

FYI I can not give freely anymore because my body will Physically break out into hives and Physically get sick from stress. Do not ever ask me for anything unless you have something of equal value in exchange. If I don’t consider what you have valuable then the exchange is not happening. Go somewhere else.

A question of Faith: Causes, Influences and Advice for the Current Phenomena

There has been a lot of strange phenomena happening both within the natural world and that of human society & egoic creations. Our last Dark Moon coincided with a solar eclipse that was visible across many countries, including the United States (where I live) and the following Full Moon in September directly preceded massive solar flares which expand the visibility of the Aurora Borealis. (You can check the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Prediction Center website to see where and when the Aurora Borealis will be visible.) And Hurricane Harvey is ravaging the Southern Part of the United States. In additional to these strong natural phenomena, we have a tumultuous social and political environment that is drastically polarizing communities and pushing people out of political non-involvement and into the public arena of activism and outcry. Invisible wars are coming to the surface and political intrigue is now so blatantly obvious that citizens can no longer deny it’s existence. We wonder: Why is this happening? What are the driving forces behind this bizarre phase? Is there are purpose? Is anything we can do about it?

The world has been changing on both a physical and energetic level. The resurfacing of Shamanic connection to spirits and “rediscovery” of the validity within Ancient Holistic forms of medicine such as Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and so on has pushed human society into a new phase of Evolutionary Integration. One that expands beyond individual health and wellness and into a global synthesis of humanistic ideas & resources along with the current issues within these areas. We are all pushing forward in our own way, and there is friction with the naturally occurring inertia within human society as change is not easily absorbed or accepted.

Hence, I decided to read on What has manifested, the causes, the influences, and the advice for the current situations in order to help us reflect on our circumstance, prepare for and resolve whatever lies within and around us.

What has been manifested are the goals we were working on, both subconsciously and externally; even if we do not consciously choose to go a certain way, our subconscious guides us with subliminal patterns in choices and actions. People have gradually organized themselves into communities and social groups that align with their own personal beliefs and spiritual understandings. What causes this is disappointment with a seemingly lack of success in the external world as we all work internally to grow ourselves in the new self-help and self-development craze brought on by the New Age Movement. There is real actual growth happening, it just isn’t what we expected. Popular notions of Growth are synonymous with Success in mundane and or superficial terms: physical reward, popularity and external acceptance. But True Growth is often uncomfortable and pits us against learned behavior and norms that no longer apply to the current environment. It challenges us to look into the unknown, question what we know and go beyond what we believe is possible. It can also bring disillusionment with a world that just isn’t as splendorous as it was promised to be. Major Influences come from the resurfacing of the Shadows within humanity as we incessantly push forward with. Modern progress is insatiable in it’s drive to continue onward: to do more, do better, and never stop. As we move forward, we may lose ourselves in the process, but then our shadow resurfaces to face us in moments of loss, confusion and brokenness. This dichotomy doesn’t seem to make sense, so it drives people crazy and pushes them against their own personal wall of ability as they try to work through it all. We must face that which we ignore, that which we dislike, that which lies in us and confuses, irritates or disgusts us. It trips us up when we are charging ahead, and now, it is running with us as we are gradually learning to accept and release it. Suggestions on how to deal with this are to not try to control it and allow the emotions and confusion to saturate our being so that we can confront our truth. This allows us to acknowledge and release what needs to be shed. As we shed that which no longer serves us, we grow. This is painful and may make us act nonsensical, but it also allows us to learn more about ourselves as we open up to the truth within and do not try to hide it under an austere or arbitrary persona. We may feel unfortunate about what is happening but true fortune lies inside our hearts as we let go of our grip on the outside and accept ourselves so wholeheartedly that we feel fortunate just being.

What grounds us is inner work to clear away the past along with what no longer serves us. As we focus on inner work, we can collaborate with others to lessen the external workload, and allow for an inner focus. Giving ourselves time to really and honestly take care for ourselves also allows us the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional space to recuperate and restore our mind, body & spirit balance, thus allowing us to more fully and willingly engage and collaborate with others.

What crowns us is to not give up or walk away immediately, but work inwardly so that we are able to leave situations when they no longer encourage our growth. And also be grateful for ourselves, love ourselves and care for ourselves, so that we are able to face negative situations with inner trust and optimism. We may get angry and feel unsupported at times, but if we can at least trust in our own abilities and be thankful for what lies within, we can have an inner faith that carries us through the situations to come.

We are always growing, always changing, and always challenged by ourselves and our environment. We are also all connected to the natural Universe, even as our Ego may push us away and make us feel alone in the world. Know that we are not alone, and even if we feel that way, faith in our own human ability to push onward will carry us through. When we can finally trust ourselves, we can gradually learn to trust our environment and be in flow with energy of the Universe. Faith, Trust, Understanding and Love connects us to our inner knowing, our intuitive and psychic insight about ourselves and our environment.

Personally, I have been through a lot, but once I faced my shadow: my fears, my anger, and my disappointments, I was finally able to release and accept myself more wholly than before. This reading helped me understand how and why Faith has been a strong underlying theme for me these past weeks: Whether or not we have Faith in Humanity and Faith in the Universe depends on whether or not we have Faith in Ourselves. So, do you have Faith? In Humanity, yourself, and the Universe?

Cards pictured are the Wooden Tarot by Andrew Liam Swartz and the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll

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January 16, 2016 Meditating on our Desires to Overcome Fear

#Meditate on the #desires of your #higherself to help you overcome #fear and bring your inner desires into physical reality. ⭐️ Fear is an illusion, an optional emotional response connected to a fact. It is through knowing the self through inner work such as meditation that we are able to process our emotions and recognize the fear without letting it rule over our psyche and physical actions. Do you understand yourself and know your triggers? Are you able to face yourself, all of yourself without having a meltdown? Ease yourself into the reconnection and know that the endless sea within you is vast and will flow with you when you understand it well enough to not swim against it. By Luna of Http:// Http:// #overcomingfear #tarot #cardoftheday #dailytarot #cartomancy #divination #7ofcups #31daysoftarot #tarotchallenge

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Resting in the Coffin of a Long Gone Lover

I didn’t used to pay any attention to Mercury Retrograde, but lately i’v noticed that it Does affect me, and Heavily.

Last night, I dreamed of traveling in a subway train to this outdoors woodsy type place to take part of a challenge, which was to live in this area for a week. I walked around absorbing the sights, sounds and feelings of the environment, while also observing the temporary dwellings of other challengers. The little old lady had built a cute little cottage, it was a red cherry wood color with a deep red varnish and had cute mat teal green wooden board type shingles, there were cute decorative shutters with flowers carved in the wood and maybe a pet (i don’t remember too clearly). According to the dream logic, it was the size of a “tiny house”, which was the size of a dumpster. The last guy i had been with was also there, and he had brought a coffin to serve as his tent. This coffin was the size of a car, had the look and feel of plywood from the hardware store, and it’s lid lifted up and stayed in place like the lid over the body of a grand piano. In the dream i thought about how it was a good structure to stand against the rain and asked him if he’d gotten that from the nearby town, to which he replied yes, and that town was 8 hrs away from here. I continued walking around observing the ground, seeing the damp leaves and feeling the moist over cast weather. Very blue gray with damp red fallen leaves on the ground. As night fell, I needed a place to stay since I had not made or brought my own dwelling, so I texted The guy and he replied with a message telling me to not bother him because he was spending the night in town. It was implied in the dream that i had permission to stay in his coffin, which i did for the rest of the challenge week, and The guy was never there as he was spending every night in town. I thought of how it would be nice for him to hold me as i rested but i also thought of how he most likely had a new girlfriend by now, even though i’d never asked him (both in real life and in the dream).
During the week the rain started Pouring and everyone in this area decided to gather in the subway station to celebrate. We all danced in a damp subway station with water logged cement floors, with some dancers flying up into the air.
At the end of the challenge, i was declared the winner of the challenge because i’d spent the entire week camping out in The guy’s coffin while other people either weren’t there (like The guy) or had their structure washed away by the rain (The little old lady).

Staying in the coffin of a long gone lover, wishing to be held again. Within this hiding place i rest my flame and take a break from the burning. I tend to myself so that the torrent of rain will not wash me away like everyone else.

Fresh rain is clearing, cleansing and to be celebrated! We let the water wash us, yet are careful to not be swept up and away by the current.

I rest as i shed my skin and grow

(photo of coffin here that i got online because pictures look nice in blog posts and i didn’t want to draw a coffin last minute. if anyone has better ideas on where and how to get random stock images like this, let me know 🙂 i am going to get better at looking for stock images as i write more)

During this Mercury Retrograde, i started with going back to a hobby i had quit, then started a side income idea i had given up on, and now i dream of the last guy.

As i type this i realize that my dreams are in sequence with each other, first i fight with myself and my shadow, then Anubis brings me to the shadow realm, and last night i rested in the coffin of a long gone lover.

Journey into the Shadow Land : the unpaid and uncredited labor of Women

On the 8th, while reflecting over the dream where i’d gotten in a fight with my shadow, i did some web research about it. After putting shadow work into the internet search bar, i found the definition “unpaid labor”. That night i symbolically entered a shadow land in my dreams. I remember watching the sun set while standing on a massive structure similar to a pyramid, and a man who represented Anubis stood next to me as we both honored the setting sun, viewing it with deep appreciation and acceptance for what was to come.
At one point in the dream I was with my daughter and other moms shopping when the male shop keeper went to the back and his female helper came out. While chatting with her, she revealed that she was a shadow worker: unpaid, in the shadow of the male shop owner. I cried for her because it made me think of all the women I knew who had worked for free: offering amazing quality goods and services for free, usually to men. Many of these women ended up penniless, sometimes with “friends” who would not help them when they were in need. They gave away their talents and let men take the credit. I thought of how in history we virtually only read about men accomplishing things, making discoveries, creating ideas that change the world, with rare accounts of women who had invented or made amazing things happen. Without the women working without unpaid and uncredited, wives, sisters, mothers, friends and domestic servants, keeping home and hearth clean and organized so the minds and bodies of men could function, supporting and encouraging their male counterparts to make world a better place. Without these women and their shadow work, those men would not have succeeded. Many times a man would steal a woman’s idea and become rich and famous from it (like the origin of Monopoly). I cried thinking of how women were shadows of men in the past, and are often still playing that role now.

edit: Here is another link: men reap the benefits of women’s invisible labor

Feminism has changed the world and now women are finally breaking through to the surface and making themselves known to the world. We no longer want to or have to hide, society is being forced to acknowledge women as Human Beings who are at equal level to men. Just because we are different biologically does not make us any less important to the fabric of society, wherein all humans are joined and connected in order for the community and human world to function. We, Women, are Equally deserving of acknowledgement, appreciation, and payment.

We are not Shadows of men
We will not hide our voice
We will not hide our thoughts
We will not hide our bodes
For we are Not Shadows of Men
We are Women

I looked up Anubis since i only know a little about Egyptian mythology and found out that he has a female counterpart: Anput and a daughter: Kebechet. Kebechet is referred to as a serpent and her name means “cooling water” representing embalming liquid, she refreshes and purifies the dead, fortifying them from corruption. Serpents shed their skin to grow, and water cleanses and refreshes.

We shed a skin that no longer serves us to grow anew, and drink cooking water to refresh and cleans our mind, body, spirit soul.