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A day at the Transformation and Wellness Faire : Today is about Protection and Inner Emotional Fulfillment

And even though it rained like mad last night, today was rain-free surprisingly. So no “so-cal storm” like I had been talking about in my previous videos.

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Hello everyone, I spent the day at the Transformation and Wellness Fair giving readings along with other readers and healers there. This fair happens on the third Saturday of every month at Healing Key in Long Beach, CA USA. You can watch my interview of the store owner Maria Lomeli here and also an interview of the faire coordinator Dr. Jennifer Vest here.

I also went on my Periscope Channel and Facebook like to broadcast the cards of the day. Which are here:

I the Eight of Wands Reversed for Periscope and the Nine of Wands with the Ace of Cups Reversed for Facebook Live. Here is my facebook live replay:

If you weren’t able to stop by today, you try another month! I will keep you updated on when I’l be at the fair!

Holistic Healer Panel with Dr. Pam Middleton, Dr. Angelica Wagner and Teri Stanley

On this past Tuesday, October 18, I attended an Amazing Holistis Healer Panel where Dr. Pam Middleton, Dr. Angelica Wagner, and Teri Stanely spoke about the different modalities they work with to heal the mind, body and spirit. How these healing modalities have been Scientifically Proven by institutions such as the Harvard School of Medicine and more. And how even though we are still pushing through a lot of resistance from the Allopathic world, people are being empowered by increased knowledge about these “Alternative” healing modalities, they are finding the Research that proves their validity, and they are able to push against the institutions that refuse to acknowledge what has been proven to be true by Time, Experience, and Scientific Research. The world of Health and Wellness is changing and we are in a New Age of Integrative Healing, the Revolution is happening now and the organizations and institutions that refuse to let go of their monopoly will be broken down!

Here is the recording of this amazing panel, I am working on transcribing this and will add on the transcription as soon as it is done. Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

Information about the Speakers

Teri Stanley is a certified Touch For Health Kinesiologist with certificates in Crystal Healing, Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), an Awakening Practitioner and has knowledge of other modalities. Teri has been in the business of helping others to heal for over three years. Teri uses Kinesiology to find out what the body needs to heal and in what order. Getting to the root causes of pain has always led her to the emotions that get trapped in the body. By focusing on releasing the emotions and the thoughts we think while supplying proper nutrition and supplements the physical body starts to heal and keep that health.

β€œMy focus is helping the client reach their full potential and joy in their live by helping them to remove imbalances in the body along with releasing trapped emotions through the use of kinesiology and other modalities.” ~ Teri Stanley

Dr. Angelica Wagner CBP, Pa Rama CBP, CACF is the inventor and scientist whose company guarantees 87-95% success rate in healing traumatic brain injury, PTSD and addiction in 90 days. She is the founder of Grace Center for Healing which is the only company in the world that guarantees non relapse in addiction. She is the patent holder of three modalities that naturally create biogenic regeneration of the brain tissues, brain stem and cranial nerves. As a pioneer in the field of consciousness cellular regeneration, Angelica created the world’s first, noninvasive, non-drug methods in healing brain trauma, PTSD and addiction.

As 1st runner up Winner of Health Innovator of the Year Award sponsored by the World Summit of Integrative Medicine, Angelica Wagner believes a new frontier of brain regeneration has arrived to heal brain trauma, PTSD and addiction as it relates to the military.

Dr. Pamela Middleton specializes in integrative pediatrics which is a combination of traditional allopathic medicine, complimentary and alternative medical therapies.

As an integrative pediatric health practitioner Dr. Pam combines her traditional medical training with holistic alternatives so that her patients receive the best treatment for their particular condition and the best recommendations about healthy lifestyle choices to prevent illness and foster wellness.

The Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga

Last Wednesday I went to a Sound Healing Event at Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga, it is the first time I have tried out salt therapy and experiencing sound healing at the same time was a plus. It was very peaceful and grounding in the main Salt Cave, and the sound healing experience helped to calm me down despite of the fact that I had really itchy rashes (3 months of break outs, yep i’v been seeking ALL sorts of healing since medical doctors aren’t really helping). After the sound healing event was over, most of the attendees were exclaiming about how Wonderful of an experience it was and how they absolutely love the combined affect of Healing Sound Frequencies and Salt Therapy.

I walked into a beautiful reception area where I met Gabby and Ashley, to the right is a rest/waiting area with conveniently located lockers and water. The reception area was very tastefully decorated with More Salt and some pink salt slabs for sale.






The Salt Cave that the Sound Healing event took place in was Saturated in salt, from salt on the walls to salt pebbles all over the floor. It also had two nice decorative fountains that added the pleasant and relaxing sound of water dripping.




There are a few other Salt Meditation Rooms, I was able to take a look at both of them. While sitting in one of them by myself, I was able to do a short meditation sequence envisioning Archangel Michael and Raphael picking me up and soaring away. This felt more “real” than it would have at home, and I was also able to calm down and meditate easier than usual.

The salt rooms are very peacefully laid out and include a nice meditative back wall.


Before I left I was able to talk to a Native American Reiki Healer that works at Salt Oasis and he let me know that they do offer Reiki Treatments there and are working getting Therapeutic Massage Therapies started. He mentioned that he also has a Certified Massage Therapist background and will be offering Therapeutic Massages that utilize Energy Healing. I actually forgot his name >_> so if you go there and meet with him, please let me know so that I can update my post.

Here’s a photo of him πŸ™‚


This place is a pretty far drive from Orange County where I am located, so I carpooled there with a friend. I say that coming here for a special event was definitely worth the drive, although I would not commute here for repeat treatments or smaller events. When they start up their Therapeutic Massages I’l probably call and schedule an appointment for a very thorough Energy Healing + Massage Therapy Combo Session.

Salt Oasis is located at:
11940 Foothill Blvd. Suite 111
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91739
Phone 844-204-SALT (7258)
Phone (909) 291-7258

(FYI i copied their location and contact info directly for their websites so just go there)

They have a really nicely organized and informative website. The only complaints I have are that the Healers, Teachers and Event Hosts are Not listed and their Events Calendar needs better maintenance. So give the a call if you want to be up to date on what is happening.

Their facebook page has more activity but still does not show a clear calendar of events. So again, call them to know what is happening, who is there, what therapies are offered and who is hosting the event and or offering healing services.

Reporting back from the May Holistic Faire at the Multidimensional School of Healing Arts & Sciences

This past Saturday I had a table at the Holistic Faire of the Multidimensional School of Healing Arts & Sciences where I vended wonderful healing products created by Lyn Pacificar, intention set decks of Marcella Kroll‘s Sacred Symbols Oracle Cards, and a phone tripod & selfie stick combo that I use to all the time to take videos and photos. All of which i use and Love, which is why I decided to vend them! I also brought an Ipad to play the interviews of Lyn and Marcella that I had recorded, unfortunately there was too much background noise for the audio to be heard, next time I will prepare some speakers.

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It was not very busy, I guess that is because a lot of people were out of town for Memorial Day Weekend trips! So I was able to walk around and get to know the other vendors, healers, and readers. I met some great people and look forward to collaborating with them! I also found out about a lot of other events and plan to be either giving readings or vending there also! Stayed tuned!

Here is a replay of my Periscope stream from the event!

Btw I shared my vending area with Hoodoo Goddess who makes beautiful candles and learned how to make them through her family as she is from a line of Hoodoo practitioners. Check out her candles πŸ™‚

The Holistic Faire is every fourth Sarturday of the month, from 11am to 5pm at, other than all these awesome vendors, there are Mediums, Psychics, Healers (Reiki, Angel, Pranic, energy ) , Intuitives, Tarot & Oracle Readers, Astrologers, Numerologeistis, Shamanistic workers And More!!

@The School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences
18271 McDurmott W. Suite H
Irvine, CA 92614

Certification Workshop with Marcella Kroll & Readings on Love & Career

This past Sunday i attended Marcella Kroll‘s Sacred Symbols Oracle Training Workshop. It was a very informative, helpful, and interactive class where Marcella explained the story and meaning behind each card, what tarot archetypes or suits it relates to (if any), what it could mean for different questions, such as what might infer yes and what might infer no. She went through all the cards, one by one, and before she moved on to the next card she would ask us if we had any questions, and answer all of them fully. I asked about reversals because I read reversals, which is not common with oracle card use. I actually forgot her explanation and can’t find it in my notes, but I know that she mentioned that she did not read reversals and I think she mentioned that we could see it as blocked energy. If I find something else in my notes I will add it to this entry. After she went through all the cards individually, she recommended some layouts and gave us some exercises to practice reading them with. She told us about the Card of the Day, and 3 Card Draw, she even read one for us so we could see how she interpreted a combination. Then we all did a 4 Card Full Oracle Spread on Career before partnering up and doing a reading for each other.

Here is my Career Full Oracle Spread:

It is a pretty sweet spread which says that the Spirits give me their Blessings to pursue whatever career I have chosen. To move forward I need to let go of the stormy drama (stress and anxiety). What I should call in to assist me is drawing upon acceptance and surrender to change, letting the past die so I can move into the next phase of this journey. The outcome is cutting away of everything that no longer serves me.

I tacked on two more cards to see what else Spirit wanted to relay and feel thankful that they urged me to Grow and and reassured me by letting me know that i am Safe.
Career with add ons

When we partnered up, I decided to ask my partner Jessica to read about Love ie Romantic Relationships, I even joked that I had decided to ask her to read about the cheesiest most stereotypical and common question asked. Here is the photo of the spread:

I really enjoyed and appreciated her interpretation! She said that Currently I am experiencing firey and short term relationships. I should let go of outdated messages about relationships and the beliefs they created within me. What I can call in the assist with this letting go is Grounding, being centered within myself so that I an know and thus call in what is best for me. The result is Transmutation, an upwards change in my energy and vibration.

Some other subjects that Marcella touched up on was to be Mindful of how we communicate, to speak and act with compassion so that we give the questioner the message they need or would help them the most in their situation. And doing that while remaining honest, and pulling extra cards to help clarify. I found it really interesting that she mentioned this because Debra Hookey has also mentioned this in her Psychic Development classes. That we, as readers, are there to Help others. Marcella also mentioned that since we were not certified/experienced therapists, we should be conscious of when to draw the line and recommend therapy or something else. For example, if someone asked the same question Repeatedly and never learned anything from what we said nor took any of our advice. Many of the readers in the classes I take with Debra Hookey actually have counseling backgrounds, degrees and certifications so the discussion is a little different there. However both teachers have the same message for all us students. To be caring, compassionate, and helpful to the people who trust us enough to ask us for advice.

At the end of class she gave us some cleansing oil so that we could cut cords with whatever attachments may have formed in our class and not take other people’s stuff home with us πŸ˜› It was fragrant and felt very pleasant on the skin. Even though i felt amazingly peaceful and comfortable within her classroom environment, I am thankful that she was considerate enough to prepare this for us. I gratefully accept her teachings & cleansing and proudly show the certificate I earned from taking her workshop!

Sacred Symbols Certification