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Full Moon August 18: Crumbling foundations teach us about consistency in work

Full Moon 08182016

During this period leading up to the Full Moon on August 18, 2016. What is being brought to light, is the fact that we do not have enough to support us. What brings this out is the internal conflict that blocks us from pushing through external obstacles. We stop “fighting against the odds” and turn inward to analyze our sense of lack. We are learning about establishing good reliable routines or habits that support us and result in consistency in work. We are grounded in the memories of pleasant times that bring us joy in remembrance along with the insight gained from lessons learned through times of difficulty. What crowns us is gathering more financial or capital support through our new found consistency.

full moon 08182016 Complete

A deeper look at the situation reveals that we are studying a skill or trade and the immediate challenge we face with this is: How to utilize it in a way that brings financial or business prowess? The major issue we have is difficulty developing our skill, whether from lack of focus or an obsessive perfectionism that has us deliberating over tiny details and prevents us from moving forward. In the distant past we were unable to find emotional fulfillment in the external world so we withdrew and filled our own emotional cups. Then we reached outward to connect with the world with a loving flow of emotional expression and receptivity. In the future we will work with existing protocols and “traditional” structures in order to bring more stability in our lives.

Right now we feel like we are falling as our foundation crumbles away. However, the environment is inspiring and encourages us to dream as we hope to be able to share our joys with others. Ultimately we turn within to develop a deeper understanding of everything and how it relates to our inner world as well as elements of the unseen.

Tarot Recap and Notes on the Burning Summer Solstice New Moon!

This past new moon happened on Summer Solstice and it was a very eventful day! We had a heat wave where I live which resulted in a lot of discomfort for people, and also prompted me to turn on the air conditioning, which used to be a rare event, and I also had trouble with electronic devices. My Tarot Recap and Notes are a little late, once you see it you will understand why!

What we manifested was this burning drive to push ourselves forwards towards our goals and as we manage our many responsibilities, the strongest part of this is obviously the weight of everything we are carrying! What we are aware of it that the sunlight is as helpful and harmonious when it burns this strong and were feeling lost and confused when faced with everything that is happening. A way to prepare for harvesting the fruit of our work is solve our own inner maze of confusion instead of looking for a solution outside. This is not a time to rule with logical severity, since we are so heavily burdened, we should give our minds a break and let go of trying to stay mentally on top of everything with exhaustive mental analyses. We already understand what is going on, so there is no need to keep watch over unchanging facts, we should instead look withing for answers to our hopes of security. Thus what grounds us is letting go of our ideals as we deal with reality, while keeping our hopes and dreams alive within us. What crowns us is not trying to grab onto any and all sources of physical security in the mess. Let go, go within, and find security withing ourselves by creating and nurturing a strong sense of inner stability, a secure mind, body and spirit connection so that we can always find ourselves whenever we feel lost in a maze.

How are you all doing? I am still trying to catch up to responsibilities and my general workload so i Really look forward to letting go and preparing for the Dark Moon of the next cycle. Time for some inner work to find my inner sense of calm and security!

In case you missed the moon, you can find photos here at
They even have a neat article on Everything you need to know about: June Solstice 2016

Full Moon Tarot Reading and Drum Circle Video

My Tarot reading for the full moon on May 21, 2016. Where we are at, what manifests, what fades away, challenges we face, and suggestions.

We are actively pursuing our goals and being less passive about what we want. While we work through the worrisome thoughts that dart through our head we are finally able to let go of sadness from past upsets. The challenge we face is not being as financially secure as we’d like. The suggestions is to embrace the sun, see the big picture about the truth in how we are all connected and that despite of any worries we have, once we work though them and let go of the sadness and negative patterns of behavior we learned from the past, we will finally see a path into the future we want, a path to the financial security we seek.

Cards used are the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza
You can also read this Interview that US Games gave him

I also went to the drum circle and arrived right as it was ending. You can watch the Firey & Climatic Ending to the Drum Circle!

Site Creation! Learning from Confusion

Yesterday was the Full Snow Moon whence i set the goal of finally updating my website and getting the wordpress/blog portion to work.

Since I’v been having trouble getting the wordpress scripts to work with my original webhost [for the past couple months], i decided to scrap the idea of attaching my psyche blog to my personal site and thought about registering another domain and signing on to hosting with another company. I did a reading on this and as you can see below, the answer was Duh

new domain and web host question

Left Side: new domain name and new host Right Side: not getting a new domain or host
  • This is the most logical choice. Follow the structure that is available for you, and everything will turn out balanced and fair.
  • This will bring you out of resignation with your website and draw you into becoming active again.
  • Beginning new projects while not letting the past one go is the result of idealistic attachments.
  • The world is there but you will not see it as it’s energy is not being accepted by you.

Stop fighting with the problems and you will see your way out of the mental deadlock

So i looked at the price of registering the domain through wordpress, then i searched on google about wordpress and found out that there was something called i was using, so i read about some pros and cons to each platform listed on this page. I went over to bluehost and compared the price of purchasing a domain and premium account on to the cost of getting an account with bluehost. After going to the second menu i realized that the cost was pretty similar and i could create multiple websites on there! So I decided to purchase hosting with bluehost.

I started web work at 11:30pm even though i had planned to work on my website as soon as i woke up (i was out and my desktop computer was in the house), so after importing and spending time picking a theme and customizing it, i called it a night around 2:30am and went to sleep.


  • having a way to work on website remotely would be nice : solution use that secondhand ipad 1 i have stored away
  • email questions to webhost customer service as soon as possible

Thanks to

This day was a day of learning in which i let go of the turmoil and grew.

I will go back to looking at all those wonderful tutorials on to add more content to this site!