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February 10, 2017 Full Moon Eclipse lets us withdraw with our Inner Sanctum

We manifested protection for ourselves so that we are not so vulnerable to the external forces. Our inner wisdom will decide when to open up. What passes is incongruence of thoughts and actions. We can prepare for this by finding guidance in the messages the Universe sends is. As we use our intuition and rationale, we find the guidance we need to move is forward. We can prepare by externally moving out of our home or sanctum while internally closing up and withdrawing from the externality of the process, protecting ourselves.
What grounds us is understanding and connecting to our inner achievements even when externally it looks as if we have failed in our endeavor.
What crowns us is finding out own inner light to bring illumination and understanding to what is happening. Since the external world may not be providing that.
What stands out most to me is Sanctum: building and retaining our inner sanctuary, where we heal and grow.

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Full Wolf Moon : Leaving inopportune situations and moving on

Tarot Forecast for the Full Wolf Moon in January 2017

What we have manifested is the ability to walk away from what no longer serves us, which gives us chance to let down our defenses and walls that we’ve built around ourselves and look at what is out there.

We can prepare for the transition is by not trying to overcome everything happening around us and just go within and manage our drive, overcome the disorganized entanglement of energy that is frazzled from leaving something that we have put so much time and energy in. We must become masters of ourselves in order to focus on our future direction.

We allow this transition by not paying attention to the multitude of stressful thoughts passing through our heads, we let the confusion pass by without intaking the emotional anguish it can cause. Then we look within and question ourselves, to ask what our true desires our and how we can re-focus and re-orientate towards them.

What helps us is grounding in the World and knowing that it has everything we will ever need, so will the opportunities that become visible to our re-adjusted eyes.

What crowns this phase of transition is our Dreams and Desires. Let our Sacred Heart lift us up when we are distraught with worry and confusion towards how things are going.

Remember, Life Goes On.

Well wishes with the ending of this phase and best of luck with the next one!

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btw this is Day 12 of the 31 Days of Tarot Challenge

Full Hunter Moon October 2016 Acknowledging the Outer World While Building Within

Full Hunter Moon October 2016

This month we manifested a manageable regimen from which we will not deviate. The inner self is now acting less foolishly, having learned from situations that are now past us. We may be hesitant to listen to ourselves; the key to balancing that out is to relax, take a deep break and lean into the secure routine we created before considering all else, and taking the time to feel into our question/thought, allowing our intuition to lead.

What brought out this development is the pain from heartbreaks and disappointments in the outer world which caused our inner self to protect itself by finding emotional relief and satiation from the little joys in our lives; thus creating a virtual bubble of gratitude and thankfulness, like emotional oxygen in a toxic and contaminated environment.

The lesson we have learned is to acknowledge injustices and face them in the outer world as our inner world mulls over what mental artillery we will need. It may be stressful carrying these worrisome thought; however, it goes in hand with a heightened awareness of what lies in our surroundings and how to internally be prepared to handle them.

What fades is the lack of proper boundaries which is entwined with improper discernment. Worries cease to rule over us as we move forward from a secure and emotionally stable foundation. We stop trying to over-think things and simply let go of everything that no longer serves us and work with our inner self to build within. We may have trouble finding our inner guidance if we keep rushing out and about completing our many plans and projects, thus losing control and letting these external plans control us.

Thus we are to balance ourselves in order to allow the processing and passing of these manifestations. This balance is created from our routine and emotional stability so that we are in flow with our intuitive self and the divine source of inspiration. As these keep us moving forward, proper discernment of what is best form us helps us stay balanced, this is backed with experience from what life has taught us, acknowledgement of what we are leaving behind and mental preparedness for the injustices we are ready to face. We leave the hurt and pain behind us as we embrace the strong connection to our emotional core that it has taught us. From here are are ready to face the issues facing our own inner development. Letting us charge forward with courageous gusto into the deep deep ocean of the self, cultivating our inner garden.

What grounds us is staying focused on cultivating this inner garden of the self, which crops to sow, how to sow them, how to nurture, feed, and carefully tend to their growth. Meanwhile pulling out weeds that get in way, pruning away the sickened stalks that should be returned to the universe and composting the dead ideas that may be recycled into good fertilizer for new ventures.

What crowns us is building up, our outer skills sprout from the cultivation of the inner self. As our self expression and integrity (strong backbone 🙂 ) transmutes into external structure.

full hunter moon October 2016 background

Wish you all a good month of balance and inner growth! Keep at it! We Will Succeed!

We will Transmute our Inner Self-Development into Outer Growth!


MidAutumn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! Relinquishing Judgement in a Moment of Weakness

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today is not only the Mid-Autumn full moon, but it is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse! This is our second eclipse and the energy that built up has been strong. Two eclipses around the time of the Harvest Moon yields a crop from the internal world that is usually hidden deep within us.

For this Full Harvest Moon, we manifested an instinctual urge to gather and keep (collect) what we can and find internal happiness while staying busy and hopeful when faced with injustice/unfairness in our environment (I did a reading a couple months ago asking what the Happy Squirrel means, I should write about it). We Learned not to worry about the many things weighing down on our minds and affecting our body & spirit. What now fades is a ragged inconsistency of efforts and looking towards the future can assist in allowing this to pass.
We are grounded by a release of our secret burdens, reaching out to people so we may open channels of communication. Let go of the energy of our unspoken/unnoticed burdens and send them into the collective [as a message] so that we can receive the feedback, resources, and assistance we need to figure out how to better resolve our issues.
What crowns us is really feeling into what upsets us about our condition and allowing this energy to speak to us about what is lacking in our lives as we channel our need into the world, allowing it to bring us that which we need.

Looking into the background reveals that we are full of great ideas and creating many wonderful things, however we are unable to manage them properly and some are falling out of our hands. Thus we will have less interest in pushing ourselves as hard from now on, even if internally we really want to keep going.
What is best for us in this moment of weakness is to not be so judgemental of ourselves an dothers. Yes we are upset and feel pain, but we have already moved from our original state of dissatisfaction to a much more pleasant place, and in the future we will be charging forward!

So we take this moment of weakness as a necessary mental respite from the hustle, so that we can communicate with ours, emptying our ills into the universe. We do hope to be less reckless with our actions and the outcome shows that we will indeed complete a wonderful project with the skill, resources and assistance we need.


and continue moving forward

Full Moon August 18: Crumbling foundations teach us about consistency in work

Full Moon 08182016

During this period leading up to the Full Moon on August 18, 2016. What is being brought to light, is the fact that we do not have enough to support us. What brings this out is the internal conflict that blocks us from pushing through external obstacles. We stop “fighting against the odds” and turn inward to analyze our sense of lack. We are learning about establishing good reliable routines or habits that support us and result in consistency in work. We are grounded in the memories of pleasant times that bring us joy in remembrance along with the insight gained from lessons learned through times of difficulty. What crowns us is gathering more financial or capital support through our new found consistency.

full moon 08182016 Complete

A deeper look at the situation reveals that we are studying a skill or trade and the immediate challenge we face with this is: How to utilize it in a way that brings financial or business prowess? The major issue we have is difficulty developing our skill, whether from lack of focus or an obsessive perfectionism that has us deliberating over tiny details and prevents us from moving forward. In the distant past we were unable to find emotional fulfillment in the external world so we withdrew and filled our own emotional cups. Then we reached outward to connect with the world with a loving flow of emotional expression and receptivity. In the future we will work with existing protocols and “traditional” structures in order to bring more stability in our lives.

Right now we feel like we are falling as our foundation crumbles away. However, the environment is inspiring and encourages us to dream as we hope to be able to share our joys with others. Ultimately we turn within to develop a deeper understanding of everything and how it relates to our inner world as well as elements of the unseen.