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Journey into the Shadow Land : the unpaid and uncredited labor of Women

On the 8th, while reflecting over the dream where i’d gotten in a fight with my shadow, i did some web research about it. After putting shadow work into the internet search bar, i found the definition “unpaid labor”. That night i symbolically entered a shadow land in my dreams. I remember watching the sun set while standing on a massive structure similar to a pyramid, and a man who represented Anubis stood next to me as we both honored the setting sun, viewing it with deep appreciation and acceptance for what was to come.
At one point in the dream I was with my daughter and other moms shopping when the male shop keeper went to the back and his female helper came out. While chatting with her, she revealed that she was a shadow worker: unpaid, in the shadow of the male shop owner. I cried for her because it made me think of all the women I knew who had worked for free: offering amazing quality goods and services for free, usually to men. Many of these women ended up penniless, sometimes with “friends” who would not help them when they were in need. They gave away their talents and let men take the credit. I thought of how in history we virtually only read about men accomplishing things, making discoveries, creating ideas that change the world, with rare accounts of women who had invented or made amazing things happen. Without the women working without unpaid and uncredited, wives, sisters, mothers, friends and domestic servants, keeping home and hearth clean and organized so the minds and bodies of men could function, supporting and encouraging their male counterparts to make world a better place. Without these women and their shadow work, those men would not have succeeded. Many times a man would steal a woman’s idea and become rich and famous from it (like the origin of Monopoly). I cried thinking of how women were shadows of men in the past, and are often still playing that role now.

edit: Here is another link: men reap the benefits of women’s invisible labor

Feminism has changed the world and now women are finally breaking through to the surface and making themselves known to the world. We no longer want to or have to hide, society is being forced to acknowledge women as Human Beings who are at equal level to men. Just because we are different biologically does not make us any less important to the fabric of society, wherein all humans are joined and connected in order for the community and human world to function. We, Women, are Equally deserving of acknowledgement, appreciation, and payment.

We are not Shadows of men
We will not hide our voice
We will not hide our thoughts
We will not hide our bodes
For we are Not Shadows of Men
We are Women

I looked up Anubis since i only know a little about Egyptian mythology and found out that he has a female counterpart: Anput and a daughter: Kebechet. Kebechet is referred to as a serpent and her name means “cooling water” representing embalming liquid, she refreshes and purifies the dead, fortifying them from corruption. Serpents shed their skin to grow, and water cleanses and refreshes.

We shed a skin that no longer serves us to grow anew, and drink cooking water to refresh and cleans our mind, body, spirit soul.

Rediscovering our hidden history, and empowering ourselves with new knowledge

Most people don’t know the Pagan Origins of Christmas and the Mother Goddesses that were either erased or turned into men by the Patriarchy that used politics and religion to erase any egalitarian culture that respected both genders and believed in living in harmony with nature. Modern developments and discoveries in Anthropology and History are bringing to light the hidden history that was covered up and destroyed by violence and abuse of “power”. The old sense of “power” which meant using secrecy, fear, violence and oppression to control the populace. But there is a new sense of “power” that people are discovering, that come from transparency, sharing knowledge, empowering people with it, and creating massive change by connecting humans within social networks in order to collaborate and Activate Change.

Advancements in Neuroscience and Psychology are showing us that our minds are powerful enough to affect our physical bodies and that just as stress (from fear and worry) can break us down, a calm and confident mind will drive us beyond completion of our goals to achieving more that what we thought possible.

All of this is pushing against a system that still tries to rule with fear and sedition. We push for an end of fear, because “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Edit: i now have the full litany against fear quote from Dune
“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Trust in yourself, trust in the universe to give you what you need. Self-confidence can create success, it can open doors, and it can save your life.

I included this video because it is a wonderful TED talk about what New Power is compared to Old Power. Food for thought. Feed your brain.

Fighting Violence with Nonviolence : Scilla Elworthy (a key part is confidence)

for more wonderfully informative And entertaining videos, go directly to ted talks