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Custom Tarot Card Layout : The Bird in reading on Synthesis / Tying up loose ends

  The Bird is a card layout that i developed for problem solving. It focuses on what is not seen, what is important to know, and what can either help or distract us. I also came up with this catchy poem to help with remembering the layout. This is one of my favorite layouts that i created, and i use it very often when reflecting on any issues at hand.

Myself & The Situation
3 things i don’t see
3 things to know
2 things that help
2 things that don’t
what grounds and crowns me

and i think this looks like a bird, hence the name

The Bird

  • 1 Myself
  • 2 & 3 the Situation
  • 4, 5, 6 Three Thing i Don’t See
  • 7, 8, 9 Three Things To Know
  • 10 & 11 Two Things That Help
  • 12 & 13 Two Things That Don’t
  • 14 what Grounds me
  • 15 what Crowns me

  I used this recently to look into problematic launches that i have been dealing with. For example, this month, i’v been working really hard on trying successfully to gain new dance students. However, despite avid marketing, it completely flopped and all the various people on social media and in real life who had showed interest, actually flaked out. So i went through a massive reset during the week of the Pink April Full Moon and mentally went over all the different websites/projects I have connected to my main site Umbra Solis Lux Lunae as well as my plan to write a book about tarot, then illustrate a series of tarot cards as well as some other abstract art, on top of that i am also getting more into web design and getting ready to organize and start journalling online about my various arts & crafts project, and i want to start new websites on other topics. With all these partially finished projects hanging around, most of them in stasis and many stored away in emotional purgatory, i was wondering how i could tie up loose strings and finalize Everything effectively ending my streak incompletes.

My reading:
The Bird : Synthesis

  I have not yet walked away from what no longer serves me, which disrupts my emotional balance and gets in the way of my learning. My emotions churn within me but do not flow outwards. Hence I must care for myself so that my heart can be open, allowing me to move forward with intent and purpose. What I don’t see is all the hope exists within me, consistently assisting me as i go through everything in life. My fire has turned inward to nurture myself as i recuperate. What I should know is that I don’t see or understand the whole truth of what is happening and I can stop worrying and tackling problems that throw me off my horse. What helps is m obstinate perfectionist carrying me through the spinning wheel of life, causing delays. What does not help is insisting on being strong and invulnerable trapping me in my mental tree/tower, wherein i refuse to come down due to unnecessary fears. The swords i see are created by the mind, the fear and wishes of the ego, driving me away from the ground that is there for me.

  This is not a time to insist on being strong, the Universe is breaking through my shell so that I may turn inward, reconnect with myself, my hidden self, before i move forward … because only after this, will i be able to start anew and build with a good foundation.

  When we don’t listen to the insistence of the Universe, it breaks through our defenses to teach us a lesson. When we are able to embrace the feelings of frustration and pain so that we can turn inward and return to the self. It is from here that our authenticity & integrity may lay the foundation for our development.

Dark Moon Flow

My flow hit the Dark/New Moon this week so i decided to do a few readings with the Quantum Tarot deck which i have not picked up in a while.

First I asked if there was anything to be said since i had gone for several months since picking these up again.

What's up?

Message: All is not lost, I have temporarily broken from my ideals from the disjoint between reality and dreams, but stay strong! The Earth grounds me, the nurturing mother who provides, and what crowns me is a tricky imbalance between giving and receiving. This imbalance is something i have been aiming to break up and resolve, and it is now at the forefront of my mind and will cause more friction … until i resolve it.

Dark/New Moon Spread (i found this somewhere, it is not an original spread of mines)
April 2016 Dark Moon
What is unseen is my release from mental gridlock caused by internal programming, as i have been in a process of healing my psyche, hence all is not lost because I am finally removing removing blindfold. What will begin to show is that I have not entirely left a situation in which i am emotionally attached. What illuminates the dark path is the World showing love and guidance, as i am feeling restricted by perceived limitations, it reminds me that the Universe is unlimited and will be there for me, I don’t have to fight for everything. Myself is represented by the reverse Ace of Wands because … i just experienced a failed launch and now i’m feeling burned out, and nursing my wounded ego. The energy i felt while launching has dissipated and now i don’t feel like trying anymore.

Yes, i launched something i perceived as important yesterday, April 7th, the night of the New Moon. It didn’t do so well and i have been trying to resolve my feelings over it this entire day … after half a day of angsting, i am feeling somewhat better. However, that fire that drove me has diminished to a pulsing ember.

I drove myself Onward even when my flow became heavy and i was so tired that i had to take naps in the middle of the day. And now, i am so tired that i don’t want to go out anymore, i just want to sit at home, finishing projects, cleaning house and tying up new ends.

Thinking of my flow, i decided to do a reading about it! I found this Moon time Spread somewhere a few years ago and i enjoy using this layout 🙂

April Dark Moon Flow 2016

What i release is the constant changes that spun me topsy turvy, and the system shock that came with it. What i keep is the challenges of day to day life and conflicts that come up while working on achieving goals. What I am receiving is a release from the financial struggle and the sense of material lack as i have been working on retaining a mentality of abundance (and watching tons of webinars on it helps). The outside world may temporarily weaken me and make me feel weak, but when i connect to my inner strength and Trust myself, i will Know that I Am Strong. I provide a network of connections to others that improves group dynamics and makes everyone feel connected. Now, I begin to focus on plans for achieving the goals i have in mind. The lesson i need to learn is to be unapolagetically authentic and own my power, let my fire drives me as i work towards my goal, independent of what opinions others may have of it.

These two weeks have been trying on my body, mind and spirit; it has tested my strength and made me feel weak and powerless. But when i draw within myself and gently kindle my inner flame, it grows and burns stronger and stronger. When it is strong enough to power my heart, my self-confidence and trust in the universe, I charge forward, Knowing that i Am Strong, and I Will Achieve ALL my goals.

Fiona’s 3 Questions to Ask Tarot About Your Business

I recently watched Fiona‘s Three Questions to Ask Tarot About Your Business video on Periscope. It was a wonderfully informative video and I did a reading for myself.

Fiona’s 3 Questions to Ask Tarot About Your Business

  • Row 1: What I need that I may have not noticed.
  • Row 2: What my clients need.
  • Row 3: Why am I doing this?

I wanted to pull more than one card so I decided that 3 will be my number for each category.

tarot business

  • I need to butt heads with people and get my money! No more free or donation based readings! I also need to face my anxiety in regards to dealing with clients and let myself feel my emotions while connecting to my thoughts. It may be frightening, however, when I am able to handle my fear, I will also be able to use it to my advantage like Marie Forleo says
  • My customers need to stop being distracted by talking to those who are in discord with them and also causing the problems they are inquiring about. I need to break the toxic banter and provide them a sense of success which will give their self confidence the boost to move on and create a new future as they let the past die.
  • Why am I going into this field? I am building up a good foundation of work for myself, good work that brings me to life and awakens my spirit. Tarot gently kindles the fire within me, nurturing it as it matures. The full expression is not here yet, which is why I have not leaped into the field yet. Now is a little premature … I need to take a breath and know that more is coming

Have you asked yourself these questions about your business? Have you asked Taro or another divination source about it? Have you asked a reader about it? What have you learned about yourself and your business?

If you haven’t visited Fiona’s Modern Fortune Teller website, I recommend that you go there and read her wonderful articles! She is also on Periscope @tarotbyfiona and youtube : Fiona’s youtube page

Back to Marie Forleo, I recently watched her video The Power of Following Your Fear, which helped me interpret my reading. It is a great video and you should watch it also!

Customized Spreads 1 : Daily Readings and Simple Yes/No Topics

Daily Readings

For my Daily Reading i like to use the adjustable 3 card spread, and then add a grounding card at the bottom and a crowning card on top. Many readers have spoken of this spread, I personally really like Biddy Tarot‘s description which can be seen in this youtube video

You can see examples of my Daily Readings in many entries, some of my recent ones are:

Yes/No Questions

Disclaimer: Yes/No spreads are often discouraged because people often ask either open-ended or improper questions that Spirit does not want to answer.

I make it a point to ask Simple questions or clarification requests when inquiring about a Yes/No question. A good example is getting the 2 of Cups in a reading and wondering Who should I talk to? In which I will ask for clarification as I list some people in my head: 1 Parents, 2 Friends, 3 Coworkers, etc. You can see how this is appropriately simple since I am asking a closed question and am getting simple answers.

How to Determine When Spirit Does Not Want to Give a Yes/No Answer

You after you ask your questions and get Validation, you ask the opposite: What about not doing ______? Or if you get negation, you ask: What if i Do _____? If you get conflicting replies (as in they agree with both doing and not doing something) then You are supposed to make your own mind because Spirit wants you respect your own Free Will.

This happens, and the frequency depends on what type of questions you like to ask. I noticed that when I ask silly questions I will get this.

General Topic Inquiry

I also like to layout cards in a line and assign a meaning for each one. A good example is asking what I should focus on? Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, or Topic 4, then I layout the cards in that order and see which ones are right side up.

Triangular Format

Triangular Card layouts appeal to me so I will often let spirit know (i speak in my mind, sometimes out loud) that a second row consisting of two cards each will clarify each topic for me. I do this for both the Yes/No and General Topic Inquiry Spreads.

Example of a Yes/No & Topic Inquiry Combo with Triangular Format Clarification
I was staying at a friend’s place, she was sick, and had been resting most of the time i was there. So I was wondering if i should just hang out with her room mate (that i had just met) since she said she didn’t mind me hanging out with him.

I asked about 1) Hanging out with my female friend 2) Hanging out with her male room mate 3) All Three of us Hanging Out

who to  hang out with

  1. Since my female friend is sick, she is not going to be able to spend a bunch of time with me, nor is she interested in going out.
  2. Spending time with her male room mate will let a cord die off as we proceed with strength and nontraditional energy.
  3. All Three of us spending time together will result in Love & Harmony as we (probably mainly Me) stop worrying over something as silly as this and we let fate spin the wheel and lead us to our next adventure!

Love and Harmony wins the night as we all go out to dinner together and have a wonderful time chatting 😀 Something does change within the dynamic of our link to each other. I find out that my friend is interested in learning dance from me and possibly performing with me. I find out that her room mate also travels to perform and we all like travel 🙂 We joke about traveling together and performing. Then I head home early, without giving my friend any fun dance lessons because she is still recovering.

Site Creation! Learning from Confusion

Yesterday was the Full Snow Moon whence i set the goal of finally updating my website and getting the wordpress/blog portion to work.

Since I’v been having trouble getting the wordpress scripts to work with my original webhost [for the past couple months], i decided to scrap the idea of attaching my psyche blog to my personal site and thought about registering another domain and signing on to hosting with another company. I did a reading on this and as you can see below, the answer was Duh

new domain and web host question

Left Side: new domain name and new host Right Side: not getting a new domain or host
  • This is the most logical choice. Follow the structure that is available for you, and everything will turn out balanced and fair.
  • This will bring you out of resignation with your website and draw you into becoming active again.
  • Beginning new projects while not letting the past one go is the result of idealistic attachments.
  • The world is there but you will not see it as it’s energy is not being accepted by you.

Stop fighting with the problems and you will see your way out of the mental deadlock

So i looked at the price of registering the domain through wordpress, then i searched on google about wordpress and found out that there was something called i was using, so i read about some pros and cons to each platform listed on this page. I went over to bluehost and compared the price of purchasing a domain and premium account on to the cost of getting an account with bluehost. After going to the second menu i realized that the cost was pretty similar and i could create multiple websites on there! So I decided to purchase hosting with bluehost.

I started web work at 11:30pm even though i had planned to work on my website as soon as i woke up (i was out and my desktop computer was in the house), so after importing and spending time picking a theme and customizing it, i called it a night around 2:30am and went to sleep.


  • having a way to work on website remotely would be nice : solution use that secondhand ipad 1 i have stored away
  • email questions to webhost customer service as soon as possible

Thanks to

This day was a day of learning in which i let go of the turmoil and grew.

I will go back to looking at all those wonderful tutorials on to add more content to this site!