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Reconnection & Recalibration

Swimming in the waves this Sunday allow me to cleanse myself and reconnected with the microcosm within myself as I let the worries and frustrations of the past go. Floating amongst the waves and letting the cold ocean water rinse off all energetic influences and slosh me around in waves allowed me to surrender my fears and anxieties. As my heart fast with the excitement and of being in moving water and felt it’s strength all around me, I exuded all the pent up negativity that had been piling up. I let myself acknowledge my vulnerability amidst the sloshing waves, as the heavily salted water went in my mouth, my eyes, my nose, my throat, drawing out all the energetic impurities I had accumulated this past cycle. With the release of clogged energy, emotions, fears, and worries, I was finally able to open up to reconnect with the world. I swam till my legs were too tired to run on land against the tug of the withdrawing tide, so I waited until the waves became smaller and gently flowed onto the beach. As I stepped back onto land, tired out from expulsion of clogged energy, vulnerability and anxiety, I was ready to relax and take in the day.

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In accordance with the message I received from Spirit, this Memorial Day weekend I spent time with friends and family, celebrating this life to honor the dead and all the blood, sweat and tears they shed to make this it possible for us to enjoy what we have. I thank Spirit for their message to rejoice and celebrate Together, sharing our joyful energy and embracing the vibrance of the day. Even though it was cast over and cold, we enjoyed ourselves in this relaxing adventure.

I came home from the beach relaxed and Energized! The perfect combination to start off the week! It also recalibrated my cycle and got me to an earlier sleep schedule which helps me prepare for early appointments later this week.

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On Monday night I went through a mechanical purge of the unhelpful past habit of burning out online working on projects till I was too tired to stay awake and then could not fall asleep at all due to nerves so I stayed up working on some Manifestation homework and finally went to bed at 6am when I REALLY was too tired and passed out as soon as I laid down.

Today, the day after the purge, I am DONE with my unhelpful habits of the past and ready to begin a new cycle! Centered, rejuvenated and cleansed by this weekend!

I will no longer desperately apply to projects and job openings that “look good” I Know that I have work, am completing work, and have enough financially to keep me going. I will focus on my self-development, my classes (self development & business), really learn from my coaching sessions, and Clean Up!

Interview + Angel Message for the week from Angel Medium Gera Farkas

We have an Angel Message of the week from Angel Medium Gera Farka‘s interview! You can find the video on Periscope within 24 hrs of filming OR you can just look at my youtube upload of the interview here:

The Joy Angels want to speak to us and remind us to be joyful and celebrate what brings us joy in our live 🙂

Apologies for the strange angle of the camera, i’m still learning how to use periscope. My other videos will be Vertical from now on.

Schedule of Scopes!

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  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm


I also have a youtube channel here for you to catch the replays!
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Tarot Reading of the Day! May 18, 2016

Also, I am on Periscope! So check out my channel to see some daily readings and interviews!

Schedule of Scopes!

  • Interviews of Intuitives/Psychics/Mediums/Energy Healers planned every Wednesday between 12-1pm so make sure you watch my channel then!
  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm

I also have a youtube channel here for you to catch the replays!
Luna Obscura Tarot

and here is my reading for the day:

For today, even if you feel stresses by a multitude of thoughts going through your head and you aren’t able to make sense of everything, stay hopeful and care for yourself emotionally. What grounds us is letting go of some of the excess burdens we carry and what brightens the day is being less judgmental about ourselves and the world around us. Just relax and let any emotions flow through so that the Universe can support us.

I also have a fun clip of me swimming in the waves for a short while here 🙂

The Ocean and other (clean) natural bodies of water are very cleansing! The salt content of the Ocean water also makes it very sanitizing and a refreshing spa like experience for mind, body and soul. If you live near the beach like I do, you can head over to the beach and take a dip in the waves whenever you feel like you need an energetic cleanse or a break from the business of life!

Note: if the water if below 60 degrees fahrenheit, I recommend that you wear a wet suit for prolonged swims. I have swam till my legs went numb And I was shivering all over, then I decided to get a wet suit so I wouldn’t get Hypothermia. There is a trend of shocking your body with cold and hot water, remember what you do is your choice, and I have taken short dips in the Ocean without a wet suit when it was around 50 degrees fahrenheit in the water.
Also do not swim right after a rain, waiting 3 days is recommended. And remember to check the water quality so you are swimming in Clean water.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Ah Sacred Heart

Ah Sacred Heart! What inspiration seethes in your world today? What aspect, as a microcosm of the universe, will you reveal to me today?

Inspired by talking to Judi Cali and also the concept of Yin Yang (陰陽) which has to do with my dream last night.

Last night, 3 women appeared in my dream: the first one represented giving with boundaries and good business sense/ethics, the second one was a healer who pulled a snake-like worm out of my right side, she represented Yin 陰 energy, and the third was masculine and represented Yang 陽 energy.

I woke up feeling like i had gone through a shamanistic cleansing, healed & rested. I was SO happy that my neck soreness was gone and looked forward to swimming at the beach since the weather was quite warm. It was nice seeing other people there, a family swimming, And one other person swimming out to the buoy without a wet suit. Glad that I wasn’t the only person swimming without a wet suit today 😛


Swimming in the beach is always nice adventure that doubles as a spiritually and physically cleansing activity. Floating along the waves and enjoying the movement allows me to surrender and relinquish the ego’s control over my mind, filling myself with gratitude and love for the universe.

Delving into the Deep

Delve into the deep blue ambiguity of fantasy that swims in the psyche.
When dreams are real and fantasy is relative.
When the Chimera dissolves into the great blue ocean, the mercreature swims into view

Finished my genderless mercreature drawing today and inked it! It is supposed to have a sea mammal style tail but now i want to put either some kind of texture or a pattern on it. I haven’t uploaded my Chimera yet … which came before this … it will have it’s own set of text.

I Was able to step into the ocean two days in a row! After a nice family outing we went to the beach and watched the sun set as the surfers floated over the waves, also watching the sunset. A calm intriguing stillness befell the crowd of humans, in awe at how beautiful and powerful nature can be.


cleansing, cleaning up, and prepping for the new moon