#Meditate on the #desires of your #higherself to help you overcome #fear and bring your inner desires into physical reality. ⭐️ Fear is an illusion, an optional emotional response connected to a fact. It is through knowing the self through inner work such as meditation that we are able to process our emotions and recognize the fear without letting it rule over our psyche and physical actions. Do you understand yourself and know your triggers? Are you able to face yourself, all of yourself without having a meltdown? Ease yourself into the reconnection and know that the endless sea within you is vast and will flow with you when you understand it well enough to not swim against it. By Luna of Http://oceanbluepsyche.com Http://metaphysicalko.com #overcomingfear #tarot #cardoftheday #dailytarot #cartomancy #divination #7ofcups #31daysoftarot #tarotchallenge

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