January 6, 2017, Day 6 of the 31 days of Tarot Challenge

Card of the Day is Reversed King of Plumes:
Being less severe and opening up the channel of communication with ourselves when we are unable to connect with the outside. When we rely Solely on our logical & analytical selves, we cut off the emotional flow and connection with our intuition, this bring Severity in both Actions & Thoughts. This disrupts our communication with others, creating inner resistance to speaking to a partner when we really want to. It also makes it harder for us to feel successful, as we are obsessed with the physical “facts” of our state of being, we are unable to relish the end goal in sight. Hence it either dampens our drive or stresses us out, or Both.

A look at the darkside of the deck reveals that we are rushing Onward with the Chariot and our immediate challenge is keeping the emotional flow of communication with ourselves and our emotional body Open as we cut off the people around us. We are rushing so hard that we are unable to give to others as we are solely focused on our goals.

Best of luck with all your endeavors!
Remember to always be in touch with Yourself and Your Emotional Body. Let your thoughts reconcile with your emotions so that you can understand what is the truth within yourself and the lesson the Universe is teaching you.