January 5, 2017
Day 5 of the 31 days of Tarot Challenge
Ethony started this challenge, she has prompts on her page that I am not following. I’m just giving a public reading every day:
Today I used Periscope because it’s raining and my internet cuts out in the rain. FYI it’s AT&T and I’m canceling service soon because I don’t want to keep paying for broken internet.

Card of the day is the Five of Blooms ie the Five of cups. Being emotionally upset about things not going the way we want them to. After all the work we’v done planting seedlings, watering & nurturing them; they either don’t grow or grow some and then get cut down by some massive setback.
This is caused by delays, especially to new projects & plans, and lack of communication and trust between you and your audience. Maybe you aren’t sure if you can tell certain people about what you are doing, or they are doing things and that they don’t tell you about, or know some information or advice that might help you but they don’t want to tell you about it. Secrecy can be unsettling and make us distrustful of the our climate

We can ground in the Eight of Bones or Eight of Pentacles which is building our skillset(s) and specialty (or plural specialties if you are guided to focus on multiple) and not only improving ourselves but also our Confidence in ourselves, our work, our tenacity of character.

What crowns us is the reversed Knight of Bones ie Knight of Pentacles Rx, not looking for consistency in the external world and building it within us. Consistent inner work to calm and center ourselves so that we are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to Keep at it.

Best of luck everyone and Love Yourself even if the Universe doesn’t seem to love you. LoversRx : Self Love

Watch forecast on Periscope
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