Today is January 2, 2017, day 2 of the 31 Days of Tarot Challenge. For today I decided to read about the nature of the challenges we face, and a different perspective of the issue.

What we think we know:
We think that the nature of the problem is our lack of fulfilment in this physical realm which makes us withdraw as we are disappointed in what the world is showing us.

What actually is:
When in actuality there are too many emotions and “masques” (temporal feelings that may not belong to us and are brought on by the environment) flying around that we are just confused and not sure if we are happy or not. The option to have emotional fulfillment is there for us.

A different perspective:
This of this as the World showing you everything it is, the Light, Shadow & Darkness, the positive & negative, all the confusing opportunities and options that are available if you choose to take them.

How to incorporate this:
Make of it what we will and align with what brings truth to us. Take the the information the World provides and process it internally.

We can ground in what provides security in the physical mundane world and let it enrich our emotional body with sustenance. Simple symbols of security can bring us comfort in times of stress, and keep us grounded when we are flying away chasing fleeing dreams (that belong to others). What crowns us today is not chasing after random distractions or wanton wishes, and instead, really looking within to see what we really desire. So instead of chasing after random butterflies flying all over the place in the outside world, we will create and our own butterflies from the dreams within us. If we are confused, we can ponder over what brings joy and go from there. The world is full of possibilities and we should look within for what truly inspires us instead of chasing after everything.