Happy New Year! I am participating in a modified posted by Ethony.

For this reading I am using the Crystal Tarot by Elizabetta Trevisan published by Lo Scarabeo so my interpretation is a fusion of the meanings according to this deck along with my intuition and knowledge of Tarot and symbolism.

Card of the Day is 10 of Swords : Affliction and Mental Self-Torture from worrisome thoughts flying through our heads. One thing to take note of is that we Choose to worry and thoughts to negative feelings. We can actually trancend these feelings of worry by not connecting emotions to the negative thoughts flying around our head. It’s not easy, but is the Crowning Challenge which is the Nine of Swords, Being Controlled by Pain.

Since a New President is coming into office this year, I decided to go with: Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed

Something New:
Difficulty reconciling your emotions with the actions that you choose to take. Emotional troubles cause us to turn to the mind that tries to process things logically without the effect of emotions. However, when we do not face our emotions, we are unable to integrate with our emotional body, which causes a disconnect.

Something Old:
Acceptance of things as they are, wherein we tell ourselves that we are being “realistic” and “practical” so we don’t change things up. We just let things be.

Something Borrowed:
Find a way out from the prison of our thoughts. Wherein we stop being defensive and accept the information around us. We try to see read between the lines and see the big picture, so that we do not lose the forest for the trees.

What Grounds us is Journeying to find the Solutions to the worries in our heads so that we can break out of the Prison of Our Fears.

Fear is the Mind Killer.

There are ways to calm down and re-asses the situation. Meditation, ie Quiet Times, helps us mentally distance ourselves from emotionally charged states so that we can come back when we are more balanced and tackle the issue with a fresh perspective.
There are many ways to journey: the journey Within the inner self, the journey Around and outside of us, the journey of Consciousness & Dreamwork, and the Spiritual Journey. Astral Traveling is also something you can look up if you want to.

Two of the Three Forecast cards are Queens, feminine cards which, in this deck, represent states of being. And the Grounding card is an Action card, how we can act to handle this state of being. It is also how we can face the Crowning Challenge of being controlled by fear, represented by the 9 of Swords. Today’s reading had the 10 of Swords as card of the day, 9 of Swords as Crowning Challenge, and 8 of Swords Rx as the “borrowed” card. It is like saying that due to all these challenges we face, we “borrow” the ability the look at other viewpoints from others, the ones who are already able to do so. We are all connected, thus we can reach out and ask for assistance when we feel stuck, and then lean on the energy of those who are ready and able to help us.

Best of luck with this New Year!

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A couple hours after I finished that reading I wanted to ask and see What this reading was for and I found out that it was for the Public as everyone is going through a transition where we like we are dying as a part of our ego crumbles and fades away. This is caused by the loss of loving connection with other and also a lack of creative thoughts which brings us deeper into ourselves. Wherein we find reconnect with the love within, celebrating this and allowing the inner self to create ideas and thoughts out of our emotional and intuitive/psychic senses. This affects our inner growth as we let go of what no longer serves us. Even if it looks like a part of ourselves dies in the surface level world. We grow inside, expanding with love and creativity.