Month: December 2016

Interview with Maria Lomeli, Quantum Healer

Maria Lomeli is a Quantum Healer and owner of The Healing Key in Long Beach, California. She uses techniques of her own along with the Quantum Healing Dolores Cannon technique. She started off looking for information about Alien abductions and gradually learned more about energy work and our galactic family. She tells us about her abduction experience from when she was 17, experiencing a flash of white light at school and not remembering anything until she was dropped off at home. She talks about various Galactic Programs of research and Hybridization, and the agreements between humans and other species to undergo these. She also lets us know that if we experience anything strange that we don’t understand, we should reach out and look for other people who have had similar experiences. Like she did that when no one she knew was receptive of her abduction story and found a multitude of support and explanation online, along with many other people who had similar experiences.

I asked her for a tip on how to calm ourselves down and she said to “do the work”, our spiritual inner work that grounds us and opens us up to growth, exploration and understanding of what has happened. A good place to start is healing, going over emotions and programming that is difficult and processing them. We can always seek help when we are having trouble processing these, and once we hit a milestone of completion for one element, we experience an amazing breakthrough that gives us a wonderful feeling of release, and acknowledgement. It also shows us that not only is there nothing to fear, but also that we have the power to heal ourselves and overcome the obstacles that lie in our path and also past.

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Interview with Positivity Coach Susan Sherbert, who teaches us about the Power of Childlike Thinking

Susan Sherbert talks about how as adults, we are afraid to have fun and play because we choose to see reality as full of negative unknown possibilities. We also have negative patterns of self-judgement as well as judging others, whereas kids are able to play due to lack of this self-judgement and fear of it. As adults we use these negative thought patterns to try and protect ourselves against the horror of being let down, which actually just makes us miserable. We also keep our negative patterns because we not only fear change, but are also really uncomfortable with it. But if we are able to let down our guard of negativity and allow ourselves to sit in the discomfort of change, we will be able to grow and enjoy life.

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