Dr. Michelle Dexter talks about how she counsels people with relationship issues and helps them attain the Intimacy they desire; whether it be within the relationship they are currently in, or a future manifestation that they are working on.

Her website: http://drmichelledexter.com/

It was really interesting hearing about how her sexually repressive upbringing pushed her to study sexuality and how to help people re-connect to their own human, emotional, and spiritual Intimacy. She told me about Three Levels of Sexual Energy:

  1. Gross Level: Physical Intimacy
  2. Subtle Energy Level : Emotional Level
  3. Causal Level : Divine/God/Force/Universal Level, Sacred/Transcendental Sex where they connect to everything and or feel like Light

Dr. Michelle Dexter describes how she helps people break through programming and behavior patterns garnered from negative experiences. She also explains how her Counseling is different from the physical interaction that a Sexual Surrogate is involved in and how there is actually a Certification for Sexual Surrogacy.

Other than assisting people in achieving the three different levels of sexual experience, she also counsels people on Sexual disfunctions. The most common issues she deals with are Erectile Disfunction for Men, Low of Libido for Women, and a General Disfunctional Relationship Behavior Patterns (like repeatedly attracting the wrong type of partner). She treats according to the Integrative Psychology model of Mind, Body and Spirit: In the Physical Level, she looks for things in their food and general environment that is contributing the disfunction. Then she supports the body by recommending supplements such as fish oil for men. On the Mental & Emotional Level, she looks through our life experiences and how they may have hurt us. She reminds us that research in the 90s has showed how negative thoughts send toxins into the body and biochemically breaks us down. She describes how cells are like microchips that hold onto these negative programs (such as shame and bad performance) and the “biocomputer” of the body keeps running this negative program until we break through it and rewrite the program. Then she works on the Soul/Spirit/Essence of Self Level to provide a total and Complete Healing. She also describes how society is still affected by Victorian Era Values that recently ended in the 1930s, hence the Grandmothers and Great-Grandmother have passed down Victorian Values which dictated that Women are not supposed to be Sexual, Sex is really only for Men, and Modesty must be practiced at every turn. All of these get in the way of us having healthy Sexual Relationships and are passed down through Morphogenetics, so that we can accumulate a lot of issues. Her counseling helps us move out of the Sympathetic Stress Reflex mode of the body to a more Parasympathetic Relaxed Reflex mode so that we can finally release the negative programming.

I also asked about Pornography Addiction and she described the difference because causual watching that does not affect a person’s lifestyle contrasted with a Porn Addict who is having his life negatively affected by watching Porn every day for a hour or more, is racking up credit charges, and prefers Porn to Physical Sex with a human.

I also loved how she let me know that there are now machines that can measure and show the openness of our Meridians and Chakras.