Month: October 2016

Full Hunter Moon October 2016 Acknowledging the Outer World While Building Within

Full Hunter Moon October 2016

This month we manifested a manageable regimen from which we will not deviate. The inner self is now acting less foolishly, having learned from situations that are now past us. We may be hesitant to listen to ourselves; the key to balancing that out is to relax, take a deep break and lean into the secure routine we created before considering all else, and taking the time to feel into our question/thought, allowing our intuition to lead.

What brought out this development is the pain from heartbreaks and disappointments in the outer world which caused our inner self to protect itself by finding emotional relief and satiation from the little joys in our lives; thus creating a virtual bubble of gratitude and thankfulness, like emotional oxygen in a toxic and contaminated environment.

The lesson we have learned is to acknowledge injustices and face them in the outer world as our inner world mulls over what mental artillery we will need. It may be stressful carrying these worrisome thought; however, it goes in hand with a heightened awareness of what lies in our surroundings and how to internally be prepared to handle them.

What fades is the lack of proper boundaries which is entwined with improper discernment. Worries cease to rule over us as we move forward from a secure and emotionally stable foundation. We stop trying to over-think things and simply let go of everything that no longer serves us and work with our inner self to build within. We may have trouble finding our inner guidance if we keep rushing out and about completing our many plans and projects, thus losing control and letting these external plans control us.

Thus we are to balance ourselves in order to allow the processing and passing of these manifestations. This balance is created from our routine and emotional stability so that we are in flow with our intuitive self and the divine source of inspiration. As these keep us moving forward, proper discernment of what is best form us helps us stay balanced, this is backed with experience from what life has taught us, acknowledgement of what we are leaving behind and mental preparedness for the injustices we are ready to face. We leave the hurt and pain behind us as we embrace the strong connection to our emotional core that it has taught us. From here are are ready to face the issues facing our own inner development. Letting us charge forward with courageous gusto into the deep deep ocean of the self, cultivating our inner garden.

What grounds us is staying focused on cultivating this inner garden of the self, which crops to sow, how to sow them, how to nurture, feed, and carefully tend to their growth. Meanwhile pulling out weeds that get in way, pruning away the sickened stalks that should be returned to the universe and composting the dead ideas that may be recycled into good fertilizer for new ventures.

What crowns us is building up, our outer skills sprout from the cultivation of the inner self. As our self expression and integrity (strong backbone 🙂 ) transmutes into external structure.

full hunter moon October 2016 background

Wish you all a good month of balance and inner growth! Keep at it! We Will Succeed!

We will Transmute our Inner Self-Development into Outer Growth!


Interview with Jerry Yusko

Jerry Yusko is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Galactic Spiritual Healer, he assist us with connecting to our high self so that we can resolve any issues we are facing while we align to our divine spiritual center and attain spiritual enlightenment. Listen in on more details about how he helps us and also hear some tips on how you can work on Spiritual Empowerment Now!
You can reach him at:

We did a two part Interview, in Interview Part 1 where he introduces himself and talks about what he does. I also mention my wonderful experience working with him and how he made all my crazy rashes go away. In Interview Part 2 he talks about Shifting Paragims in which we raise our vibration and evolve our mind & body to become less focused on the physical plane and more aligned with the nonphysical Divine along with a lot of other stuff. Part 2 is 40 minutes long so it will also go into a Self Development post. So here is Part 1 that introduces Jerry Yusko and how works as a servant of light who assists us in Spiritual Empowerment.

Interview Part 1

The Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga

Last Wednesday I went to a Sound Healing Event at Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga, it is the first time I have tried out salt therapy and experiencing sound healing at the same time was a plus. It was very peaceful and grounding in the main Salt Cave, and the sound healing experience helped to calm me down despite of the fact that I had really itchy rashes (3 months of break outs, yep i’v been seeking ALL sorts of healing since medical doctors aren’t really helping). After the sound healing event was over, most of the attendees were exclaiming about how Wonderful of an experience it was and how they absolutely love the combined affect of Healing Sound Frequencies and Salt Therapy.

I walked into a beautiful reception area where I met Gabby and Ashley, to the right is a rest/waiting area with conveniently located lockers and water. The reception area was very tastefully decorated with More Salt and some pink salt slabs for sale.






The Salt Cave that the Sound Healing event took place in was Saturated in salt, from salt on the walls to salt pebbles all over the floor. It also had two nice decorative fountains that added the pleasant and relaxing sound of water dripping.




There are a few other Salt Meditation Rooms, I was able to take a look at both of them. While sitting in one of them by myself, I was able to do a short meditation sequence envisioning Archangel Michael and Raphael picking me up and soaring away. This felt more “real” than it would have at home, and I was also able to calm down and meditate easier than usual.

The salt rooms are very peacefully laid out and include a nice meditative back wall.


Before I left I was able to talk to a Native American Reiki Healer that works at Salt Oasis and he let me know that they do offer Reiki Treatments there and are working getting Therapeutic Massage Therapies started. He mentioned that he also has a Certified Massage Therapist background and will be offering Therapeutic Massages that utilize Energy Healing. I actually forgot his name >_> so if you go there and meet with him, please let me know so that I can update my post.

Here’s a photo of him 🙂


This place is a pretty far drive from Orange County where I am located, so I carpooled there with a friend. I say that coming here for a special event was definitely worth the drive, although I would not commute here for repeat treatments or smaller events. When they start up their Therapeutic Massages I’l probably call and schedule an appointment for a very thorough Energy Healing + Massage Therapy Combo Session.

Salt Oasis is located at:
11940 Foothill Blvd. Suite 111
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91739
Phone 844-204-SALT (7258)
Phone (909) 291-7258

(FYI i copied their location and contact info directly for their websites so just go there)

They have a really nicely organized and informative website. The only complaints I have are that the Healers, Teachers and Event Hosts are Not listed and their Events Calendar needs better maintenance. So give the a call if you want to be up to date on what is happening.

Their facebook page has more activity but still does not show a clear calendar of events. So again, call them to know what is happening, who is there, what therapies are offered and who is hosting the event and or offering healing services.