Intuition is a something we all have, even if we don’t realize it. Notions, thoughts, ideas, feeling and the vibe that we get from situations, places, and people. It is a simple knowing that has complex layers of understanding. Being more in tune with our intuition allows us to be more in sync with the Universe, thus encountering more synchronicity and serendipity.


Be Grateful

Gratitude is a strong emotion that can calm us when we are stressed & nervous, lift our spirits when we are feeling sad, and bring comfort in times of worry. There are many things that we can be thankful for. From the massive gifts of love and support the Universe sends through people close to us to simple interactions of humanity where a stranger lends a helping hand. A gesture as simple as opening the door for us can bring a smile, and thinking back to this when we feel like nobody is helping us will remind us that we never know who might help us by opening the door to the next chapter of our life. Physical things such as food, shelter and transportation: from a place to sleep and rest to some food that we enjoy eating. When we think of all that we are thankful for and enter a space of Gratitude, it allows us to not only calm our nerves and enliven our spirits, but also to feel of oneness of being connected and supported by the Universe.

This leads to the next step:

Be Still

After entering a space of Gratitude, we are calmer and more able to still: resting the mind and releasing all thoughts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Even when thoughts and notions do appear, we do not give attention or energy to them, we simply let them be and let our breathing ease through them. Listening to our favorite music or something calming can help us meditate and release any and all pent up emotional and mental energy. Rhythmic Movement Meditation can also help us when our muscles want to move around. Release everything and let your body, mind and spirit rest In The Moment.

Once we are still, we are able to:

Be Receptive

Allow yourself to just intake whatever the Universe wants to send you. The Logical Left Brain controls what information you consider “real” or “impossible” and the Imaginative Right Brain processes the messages from the Universe. So allow yourself to be open and limitless. Instead of saying or thinking things like “I do not See visions, I am not Clairvoyant. I do not Hear information, I am not Clairaudient. I do not Feel or Taste the energy of my surroundings, I am not Clairsentient.” Let yourself be open and say “It would be nice if I could See visions, and I will let the Universe bring them to me” , “It would be nice of the Universe would tell me important bits of information, I will let those be brought to me” , “It would be nice if I could feel and taste the energy of my surroundings, I will let the Universe bring those senses to me”. Once you open the gate to the possibility of receiving these messages, they will come to you. You don’t even have to categorize the type of message you wish to or do receive. It can just be a knowing.

To read more about Intuition and the two hemispheres of the brain, you can go to this article in Brain World Magazine.

Being grateful helped me a lot when I was going through times of severe stress and anxiety. My body, mind and spirit were so nervous that I could not calm down enough to meditate; and in this state I was disconnected from my Intuition and constantly distrusting myself and my understanding of the messages the Universe was sending me. I still received messages, but in rare occasions and only when Spirit was trying Really hard to communicate, in which case the Universe would Slam me with some serious impediment that made me pause. When I started the practice of Gratitude and thinking of all the things I was thankful for, I was finally able to calm down enough to get proper perspective on things and allow myself to be still and in the moment. This Stillness allowed me to open up and entertain the possibility of hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing random things. It also let me slow down enough to see how the random events, whether synchronous or not, could also be messages from the Universe. One key moment was during a time when I was in a serious argument with a former friend who I respected but highly disagreed with. I saw two crows flying towards each other, squawking Loudly before flying away. Then I saw two airplanes fly silently and powerfully towards each other, then smoothly glide past with out any altercation. I understood that instead of holding low vibrational feelings of anger and frustration, I should be releasing them and allowing myself to compassionately understand and respectfully give space.

we are ALL Intuitive to varying degrees and we can ALL develop our Intuition and deepen our understanding of all that surrounds and happens to us. Being connected to the Universe is our natural state, it is easy in a sense. So don’t overthink the process, just let yourself BE and let the Universe communicate to you.