Jerry Yusko is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Galactic Spiritual Healer, he assist us with connecting to our high self so that we can resolve any issues we are facing while we align to our divine spiritual center and attain spiritual enlightenment. Listen in on more details about how he helps us and also hear some tips on how you can work on Spiritual Empowerment Now!
You can reach him at:

We did a two part Interview, in Interview Part 1 where he introduces himself and talks about what he does. I also mention my wonderful experience working with him and how he made all my crazy rashes go away. In Interview Part 2 he talks about Shifting Paragims in which we raise our vibration and evolve our mind & body to become less focused on the physical plane and more aligned with the nonphysical Divine along with a lot of other stuff. Part 2 is 40 minutes long so it will also go into a Self Development post. So here is Part 1 that introduces Jerry Yusko and how works as a servant of light who assists us in Spiritual Empowerment.

Interview Part 1