Today is the day of the Black Moon for those in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth. The Black Moon is the Second Dark Moon of the month and you can read about it at It is a time when we can really sink inside of ourselves and find the source to our troubles. It can heal and guide us on our journey.


During this Black Moon, what passes is the Incomplete transition due to thoughts that keeps us entangled in action without pause, what assists us in letting go is engaging the inner self instead of running away from the situation. We undergo internal movement to bring our consciousness to a calmer state so that we can intrinsicly reflect on everything and prepare for the transition. We begin a phase of emotional fulfillment and we can embrace this new cycle by being open and not keeping secrets. We allow the self to carry what is necessary within us so that we can express truthful communication outward. (For example carrying inner strength and knowledge that allows us to process situation and speak of our needs).

What is revealed within us is a false need for control while attempting to diligently work on our studies while being distracted by disjointed inspiration that a misunderstanding of emotions which seem chaotic. To remedy this we let go of the external need for control everything, relax, allow the thoughts and feelings to pass gently through our psyche as we focus on what is important now.

What is at the base of this are the illusions of the mind: fragments of our subconscious psyche that are crushing the logical mind and breaking down the barriers that we have created within our consciousness to block out what we do not wish to see. What is best for us in this moment is to focus on what is important within us and block out all other external distractions. Dive deep within ourselves and embrace our true being, our desires and dreams, however much they seem to be contradicted by logical reality.


A look into the underside of the deck reveals that we do not feel at harmony with our environment so we are working on and with self-love at the moment, as we prepare to drive ourselves forward with our venture. Best to keep the end goal in sight as the world opens up to embrace us. In the past we felt disconnected from financial security, and subsequently vulnerable and unprepared. So now we are delaying things and checking with our inner guidance to make sure that we are headed in the right direction. We are fearful of losing touch with ourselves and our emotions while at the same time hoping to be less sensitive to whatever pitfalls may come. The outcome shows that we may be too distracted to build externally, so we will develop Internally.

With all of this, remember to stay optimistic! We will succeed!