Full Moon 08182016

During this period leading up to the Full Moon on August 18, 2016. What is being brought to light, is the fact that we do not have enough to support us. What brings this out is the internal conflict that blocks us from pushing through external obstacles. We stop “fighting against the odds” and turn inward to analyze our sense of lack. We are learning about establishing good reliable routines or habits that support us and result in consistency in work. We are grounded in the memories of pleasant times that bring us joy in remembrance along with the insight gained from lessons learned through times of difficulty. What crowns us is gathering more financial or capital support through our new found consistency.

full moon 08182016 Complete

A deeper look at the situation reveals that we are studying a skill or trade and the immediate challenge we face with this is: How to utilize it in a way that brings financial or business prowess? The major issue we have is difficulty developing our skill, whether from lack of focus or an obsessive perfectionism that has us deliberating over tiny details and prevents us from moving forward. In the distant past we were unable to find emotional fulfillment in the external world so we withdrew and filled our own emotional cups. Then we reached outward to connect with the world with a loving flow of emotional expression and receptivity. In the future we will work with existing protocols and “traditional” structures in order to bring more stability in our lives.

Right now we feel like we are falling as our foundation crumbles away. However, the environment is inspiring and encourages us to dream as we hope to be able to share our joys with others. Ultimately we turn within to develop a deeper understanding of everything and how it relates to our inner world as well as elements of the unseen.