Month: July 2016

Dark Moon July 2016 Release the Incessant Fire that Drives us to Begin a Soothing Emotional Flow

This Dark Moon felt perplexing and powerful to me, I was manifesting, clearing, uncovering, learning, and unsure about what exactly I was going to be starting. So I did a reading on:

  • What was Revealed
  • What was Cleared
  • What was Released
  • What Begins Now
  • How to Prepare
  • Grounding and Crowning

As the darkness stirred the shadows of our insecurities, our lack of self-confidence and feeling of security was revealed. What was cleared was the need to constantly be out and about, as the darkness came, we huddled into ourselves to rest and recuperate from activity. What was released was the urge to constantly tackle problems head one, like a galloping horse with hooves on fire! We no longer need to charge into everything. So now we begin our emotional development, nurturing the blossoming feelings and allowing them to fill our lives with joy! The Dark Moon uncovered and cleared up what had been unconsciously driving us, so now we can take the time to reconnect with our emotional selves and allow ourselves to feel each moment. To help prepare for this we should respect the privacy of friends, family, clients, and ourselves. Speak with discretion as we do not need to share all of the minor details of our lives with the collective, especially when we are planning launches and massive projects. Also retain a good ethical code of privacy with friends and clients who speak with us.

New Moon June 2016 details

As we travel and move forward, relying on intuition and emotion instead of the rationale that everyone understands, we should not let others lead us astray with criticism or statements of worry which undermine our confidence and resolve. Keep your eyes on your dream, that magically unfolds itself, petal by petal, materializing into this realm from the energy that you cast forth. Be confident and mysterious as the people around you wonder at how your masterful control over finances. From all your hard work and careful planning, comes the final transformation into a King of the Land!

What Grounds us is looking into the future while retaining the sweet memories of the past in our hearts. What crowns us is flying above the confusion and seeing the Truth.

Also, this New Moon coincided with the arrival of a New Deck! I happily found The Wooden Tarot and Earthbound Oracle decks I had ordered a few weeks ago. I was a little anxious about whether it would arrive before I left for my road trip even though i was Sure it would arrive, so upon seeing it, I was happily validated. I love how different it is from other “Tarot” decks, and I using these decks without any instructions is a fun challenge!

Using the Earthbound Oracle, I asked What phase are we in now?


As our life inspires us to create and our sleep nurtures us and nourishes us with dreams and otherworldly connections.

I also asked for a personal phase reading for me and got Wisdom
As I find and retain balance with myself and allow the healing flow of emotion to nourish my mind, body and soul. Replenishing the drive that was burning fast and out of control last month when I was severely over-worked. The Balancing of my inner and outer self while recognizing and caring for my emotional body allows for the combination of intuition of logic, from which Wisdom comes forth.

I will be on a road trip for the next two weeks so I probably will not be posting. But you can keep track of my adventures on my instagram page @luna.obscura.tarot

Oracle Reading for July 3 : Navigating with the Masks we wear while Focusing on goals in order to grow

We wear many masks to hide ourselves as we maneuver through the many realms of the self and our environment ie social scene. Know where and what to stay focussed on. Some answers are not hidden, rather, they are in plain sight and we must have the courage to accept and process them in order to grow.
We center & stabilize ourselves by embracing our power and crown each moment with rationale; as the unseen supports us with visible assistance.
July 4 is Independence Day for the USA! So I cheer on everyone on their own path to Personal Independence! Know that you have the power to change your life! Focus on your question/issue/task, acknowledge what needs to be known in your awareness, and wear masks when you feel the need to do so with investigative work.

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Late update, I went to the beach last night to swim in the waves, reconnect, and recent. Self Care is very important, and it may be the solution in plain sight that we are ignoring when we are caught up in everything. Other than working on several business projects and re-organizing my residence i have also fallen back in love with Reading and i’m consuming books with furor!

Here’s a photo of some delicious books i have been going through

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And be careful around the Ocean, last night the tide got so high that it swept away my towel while i was swimming, and then while i was on shore, it poured into the parking lot! I have never seen it do that before, but people who’v been going to that beach for longer than me say that it happens sometimes, after the beach area changes shape. I am just thankful that a friendly bystander saved my bag by dragging it away from the tide. My bag did get half soaked but at least it was still there and had not been swept away! Now I am on the search for another oversized towel. I was quite attached to the one that got swept away, it was big and round, perfect for card readings, relaxing around, sitting for meditation, and thick enough to absorb lots of water when needed.