Month: June 2016

Giving Readings at Summer Solstice Fair in Long Beach

Last minute announcement! Luna will be giving Tarot & Oracle card readings (and selling some Brazilian Quartz points and Nepalese Black Tourmaline crystals) tomorrow, June 11, 2016 between 10am to 4pm at the Summer Solstice Fair in Long Beach hosted by the Long Beach WomanSpirit and the Temple of Isis Los Angeles. It will be hosted at:

UUCLB – The Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach
5450 E Atherton St, Long Beach, California 90815

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Same event, two different links. Amusing, isn’t it?

Come over and check out all the awesome vendors, healers, readers, dancers, musicians, performers, artists, artisans, craftspeople, and whatever else is here!!!

Interview with Catie Wyman Norris “Nutritionist to the Stars”

Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Catie Wyman Norris Nutritionist to the Stars who told me about her personal journey from chronic sickness to a wonderful & healthy life, and how she now helps other people heal and achieve the health that they are searching for by providing them with the proper food for nourishing their body. I will let her speak for herself in this video.

To check out Catie’s Kitchen Cures go to

To check out Simply Young go to

If you are HUNGRY and you want to make some Food go to Catie’s Recipes

For more Royalty Free Music like what I put in the credits to this, go to

“Isolated Harp”
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New Moon Tarot Forecast for June 4, 2016 : Moving away from skill exchange and taking care of ourselves

What is passing is the period of giving and receiving for charity/donation. We come to terms with not worrying over what we should give and what people can receive. That whole “skill exchange”, “work trade” and “donation based” phase of our lives is Over and now we will start nurturing ourselves and nourishing our emotional development instead of turning to the external world for gratification and alleviation. What helps us surrender to the whole process is tuning into our center and balancing our lives so that we can take proper care of ourselves.
What grounds us in the whole process is being in harmony with our environment by letting the right people in our lives and making responsible decisions that keep us in a nurturing social environment. What crowns is working through our obsessions to finally see other solutions to our problems. Knowing that it’s not about finding the One path of solutions and happiness, it’s about working with what suits us best out if the plethora of pathways that are available.

Here’s my video, again what I wrote here better thought out than what I said on Periscope live stream when the cards popped up. Let me know what you think of this written forecast in comparison to my streamed video forecast.

photo on my instagram page which is pretty fun to check out 🙂

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Take care of yourself this cycle! Nourish your emotional center, ground yourself in responsible decisions and a supportive community, and look outside of narrow solutions. The World is always there for you.

here is a Lunar Planner to help you organize your month!


Schedule Changes for Tarot Forecasts and Interviews

Hello everyone, I have to change my schedule for Tarot Forecasts and Interviews because I my schedule is still irregular and it’s difficult to maintain these set times. Also, I will not be on Periscope regularly, I realized that sometimes my phone does not have adequate reception so I just record and then upload onto youtube. I Will be scoping from any events I attend so you guys can check them out, and my Tarot forecasts and Interviews, along with other postings will definitely continue, so stay tuned!

also: I am preparing a New Moon reading for this Saturday :3