Month: May 2016

Tarot Reading for the Week! Working through frustration and grounding ourselves in our goals

This week’s theme is : Working through frustration by grounding ourselves in our dreams and finding our own path

This week we are working through feelings of upset and frustration over past events and unsettling memories. What helps us is finding our own way and not going with what everyone else has done or is telling us to do. As we keep our dreams alive and work through the frustration and stress of trying to manifest our dreams, even if we don’t see how everything is working out and we think it isn’t working out, we can always take a meditative break and return to ourselves so that we can see through our worries and know that we are ok. Worry and fear only bring unnecessary stress and reduce our capabilities to compose a solution, stop listening to the negative voices inside and around you. Be aware of the superficial drama and let your dreams ground and stabilize you.

Tonight I give readings at Learning Light Foundation of Anaheim, CA as a member of their Reader’s Studio

This Saturday May 28, 2016, I will be at this upcoming Holistic Fair at the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences in Costa Mesa, CA!

Music Credits for video:
“Danse Macabre”
Kevin MacLeod (
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I know my video says “Dance Macabre” instead, yes, a typo, and maybe i will fix it one day. BUT i did include the correct song name in my info section for the video.

Full Moon Tarot Reading and Drum Circle Video

My Tarot reading for the full moon on May 21, 2016. Where we are at, what manifests, what fades away, challenges we face, and suggestions.

We are actively pursuing our goals and being less passive about what we want. While we work through the worrisome thoughts that dart through our head we are finally able to let go of sadness from past upsets. The challenge we face is not being as financially secure as we’d like. The suggestions is to embrace the sun, see the big picture about the truth in how we are all connected and that despite of any worries we have, once we work though them and let go of the sadness and negative patterns of behavior we learned from the past, we will finally see a path into the future we want, a path to the financial security we seek.

Cards used are the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza
You can also read this Interview that US Games gave him

I also went to the drum circle and arrived right as it was ending. You can watch the Firey & Climatic Ending to the Drum Circle!

Gaining Permission to Publish Photos of Tarot & Oracle Decks online & in social media

(this post will be updated as i gain more information about publishers, and also as i gain more tarot decks :P)
This is my follow up to Biddy Tarot‘s VERY informative and eye opening post about Tarot reader’s guide to copyright. I decided to write this because I spent Quite a Long while searching online for ways to gain permission of use for the decks and I wanted to share what I know so that others don’t have to spend Forever online looking for the same information.

Sorted by Publisher:

(Independent) Artists You Know

ask them 😀 I have permission from Marcella Kroll and i LOVE her Sacred Symbols Oracle deck!

Blue Angel

I have permission from them to use images of Tarot & Oracle decks for non-commercial purposes as long as I credit where appropriate! I recommend you email their general info address.

Hay House

Hay house has not allowed me to publish images of their decks, I respect that. I will be altering my site to take down what images I have and will not be posting photos of their decks here. You can go look on their site and message customer service if you want to ask about different decks of yours. Btw I had to email customer service, the person on live chat gave me an email address because he/she did not have authority to decide about permission.

Lo Scarabeo

According to this post on Aeclectic Tarot‘s forum
If a person is in possession of a physical deck published by Lo Scarabeo, and intend to use the deck on the web inside a blog or an a review site, it is now possible to use the images. It’s the important that the blog or website is not linked to a commercial activity (for instance it’s not part of an online reading service). Also the “images copyrigth by Lo Scarabeo” is necessary. However, if the two aboive steps are maintained, it’s not necessary to have written permission from us. And there is no limits to the number of images that can be used.

It would be appreciated, but it’s not required, if any blog or website using our images would send us an e-mail to inform us. Also, warmly appreciated but not required, is a link to our website.

Lo Scarabeo hopes that this wide-angle permission will be of help to the Tarot community, without endorsing any pirate commercial use of Lo Scarabeo images.
This makes me REALLY happy because Most of my tarot decks are published by them. This is what I spent Quite a while searching online for. I even emailed Lo Scarabeo’s customer service, messaged them on facebook, and was wondering when they would reply.

US Games

You have to fill out a Permission Request and fax it to them. You can also read their Tarot Reproduction Policies

Bonus links! has free stock images and is where i got that photos of cards in this post’s featured image my favorite site for textures EASIEST to use online graphic design “software”

Interview + Angel Message for the week from Angel Medium Gera Farkas

We have an Angel Message of the week from Angel Medium Gera Farka‘s interview! You can find the video on Periscope within 24 hrs of filming OR you can just look at my youtube upload of the interview here:

The Joy Angels want to speak to us and remind us to be joyful and celebrate what brings us joy in our live 🙂

Apologies for the strange angle of the camera, i’m still learning how to use periscope. My other videos will be Vertical from now on.

Schedule of Scopes!

  • Interviews of Intuitives/Psychics/Mediums/Energy Healers planned every Wednesday between 12-1pm so make sure you watch my channel then!
  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm


I also have a youtube channel here for you to catch the replays!
Luna Obscura Tarot

Tarot Reading of the Day! May 18, 2016

Also, I am on Periscope! So check out my channel to see some daily readings and interviews!

Schedule of Scopes!

  • Interviews of Intuitives/Psychics/Mediums/Energy Healers planned every Wednesday between 12-1pm so make sure you watch my channel then!
  • Tarot or Oracle Card of the Day with Luna planned for Monday and Friday around 12pm

I also have a youtube channel here for you to catch the replays!
Luna Obscura Tarot

and here is my reading for the day:

For today, even if you feel stresses by a multitude of thoughts going through your head and you aren’t able to make sense of everything, stay hopeful and care for yourself emotionally. What grounds us is letting go of some of the excess burdens we carry and what brightens the day is being less judgmental about ourselves and the world around us. Just relax and let any emotions flow through so that the Universe can support us.

I also have a fun clip of me swimming in the waves for a short while here 🙂

The Ocean and other (clean) natural bodies of water are very cleansing! The salt content of the Ocean water also makes it very sanitizing and a refreshing spa like experience for mind, body and soul. If you live near the beach like I do, you can head over to the beach and take a dip in the waves whenever you feel like you need an energetic cleanse or a break from the business of life!

Note: if the water if below 60 degrees fahrenheit, I recommend that you wear a wet suit for prolonged swims. I have swam till my legs went numb And I was shivering all over, then I decided to get a wet suit so I wouldn’t get Hypothermia. There is a trend of shocking your body with cold and hot water, remember what you do is your choice, and I have taken short dips in the Ocean without a wet suit when it was around 50 degrees fahrenheit in the water.
Also do not swim right after a rain, waiting 3 days is recommended. And remember to check the water quality so you are swimming in Clean water.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!