My Tarot reading for the full moon on May 21, 2016. Where we are at, what manifests, what fades away, challenges we face, and suggestions.

We are actively pursuing our goals and being less passive about what we want. While we work through the worrisome thoughts that dart through our head we are finally able to let go of sadness from past upsets. The challenge we face is not being as financially secure as we’d like. The suggestions is to embrace the sun, see the big picture about the truth in how we are all connected and that despite of any worries we have, once we work though them and let go of the sadness and negative patterns of behavior we learned from the past, we will finally see a path into the future we want, a path to the financial security we seek.

Cards used are the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza
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I also went to the drum circle and arrived right as it was ending. You can watch the Firey & Climatic Ending to the Drum Circle!