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Schedule of Scopes!

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Luna Obscura Tarot

and here is my reading for the day:

For today, even if you feel stresses by a multitude of thoughts going through your head and you aren’t able to make sense of everything, stay hopeful and care for yourself emotionally. What grounds us is letting go of some of the excess burdens we carry and what brightens the day is being less judgmental about ourselves and the world around us. Just relax and let any emotions flow through so that the Universe can support us.

I also have a fun clip of me swimming in the waves for a short while here 🙂

The Ocean and other (clean) natural bodies of water are very cleansing! The salt content of the Ocean water also makes it very sanitizing and a refreshing spa like experience for mind, body and soul. If you live near the beach like I do, you can head over to the beach and take a dip in the waves whenever you feel like you need an energetic cleanse or a break from the business of life!

Note: if the water if below 60 degrees fahrenheit, I recommend that you wear a wet suit for prolonged swims. I have swam till my legs went numb And I was shivering all over, then I decided to get a wet suit so I wouldn’t get Hypothermia. There is a trend of shocking your body with cold and hot water, remember what you do is your choice, and I have taken short dips in the Ocean without a wet suit when it was around 50 degrees fahrenheit in the water.
Also do not swim right after a rain, waiting 3 days is recommended. And remember to check the water quality so you are swimming in Clean water.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!