I just signed up to give Tarot & Oracle Card Readings at The Temple of Light in Irvine tomorrow, May 7, between 11am-5pm and I will also be giving a lecture on Creative Reflection at 4pm in their Buddha’s Loft which is upstairs. To see a complete list of lectures, vendors and readers, go to their page for their Healing Fair.

Creative Reflection

Fun DIY journaling techniques to strengthen Intuitive and Analytical skills while deepening out understandings of the self. A fun type of inner work to bring about effects and plans for the outer world.

E-Book of my workshop is in Progress

Here is a map of the lay out of the Temple of Light, I be will giving Tarot & Oracle Card readings in the biggest room, called The Hall of Light at booth 26! At 4pm I will be upstairs in Buddha’s Loft giving my interactive lecture on Creative Reflection. I will bring a table cloth for the floor along with some paper, pencils, markers and scissors. Feel free to bring any other media or mediums with which you wish to create your journal. If you have any questions about online graphics programs or editing software you are welcome to ask and I will tell you what I know.

HHF Floorplan Template