As I approach a major milestone this weekend, I decided to create this layout in celebration, and also to study the current and coming challenges.

The Challenger

Challenger tarot spread

  1. The Self
  2. The Situation : Where I am at
  3. The Background : How and why I am here
  4. Challenges I face
  5. Nature of the Challenges
  6. What Helps
  7. What Does Not Help
  8. Grounding/Centering Force
  9. Crowning/Uplifting Force

This weekend: I am giving Tarot and Oracle Car readings at The Holistic Faire and Marketpalce at The School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences! This is the first time that I am giving readings at a Metaphysical Faire! I gave two test readings last week at my interview and told that they would not know who they had room for until this week. And sure enough, early this week I received an email showing that I was on the roster for this week! I have been excited and looking forward to this all week! Prior to this, I have given readings to friends and strangers at smaller and mainly art based events and parties, and to a different type of audience. So this is a Exciting development for me!

After facing lots of difficulty in the past with the various fields that I have been trying to tap into, I have realized that not only is there is always something to challenge me and make me grow, but I should also challenge myself to help myself grow. Hence The Challenger custom Tarot Card Layout/Spread was created! It came from an idea I though of that would have a “weekend warrior” theme, since so many of us have weekends bustling with activity and randomness, in contrast to the consistent schedule of the weekdays. An online search reveals a definition of “weekend warrior” that I did not know of : military reservist who attends weekend meetings in order to fulfill military obligations. Which is interesting.

Anyways, here is the reading that I gave myself, using this spread:

the challenger reading

Right now I have finally found my way out of the woods and am no longer feeling helplessly lost. This is due to not giving up on something that I could have left. I was able to find my way after I decided to be more involved in something I did not understand and was previously not paying much attention to. The Challenge I face is worry, caused by false starts and the inability to launch new projects. What helps me is overcoming the mental trauma and negativity that comes from “failures” in my past. What does not help is trying to do everything on my own, without asking for help or advice of any kind, and in general not being informed of mistakes that I am making. What Grounds me is the knowing that the World and all that it has to offer will Always be there for me. What crowns me is taking a break from constant studying of the external world to turn inward in order to learn more about my inner self and the truth that lies within me.

When you don’t understand something, study it closely and you will come to a breakthrough.
Sometimes, the study will take you to places you never knew existed, outside and inside of the self.

No matter what happens, know that the World is always there for you, and you can always take a break to look within and reflect on what you have learned.