I recently watched Fiona‘s Three Questions to Ask Tarot About Your Business video on Periscope. It was a wonderfully informative video and I did a reading for myself.

Fiona’s 3 Questions to Ask Tarot About Your Business

  • Row 1: What I need that I may have not noticed.
  • Row 2: What my clients need.
  • Row 3: Why am I doing this?

I wanted to pull more than one card so I decided that 3 will be my number for each category.

tarot business

  • I need to butt heads with people and get my money! No more free or donation based readings! I also need to face my anxiety in regards to dealing with clients and let myself feel my emotions while connecting to my thoughts. It may be frightening, however, when I am able to handle my fear, I will also be able to use it to my advantage like Marie Forleo says
  • My customers need to stop being distracted by talking to those who are in discord with them and also causing the problems they are inquiring about. I need to break the toxic banter and provide them a sense of success which will give their self confidence the boost to move on and create a new future as they let the past die.
  • Why am I going into this field? I am building up a good foundation of work for myself, good work that brings me to life and awakens my spirit. Tarot gently kindles the fire within me, nurturing it as it matures. The full expression is not here yet, which is why I have not leaped into the field yet. Now is a little premature … I need to take a breath and know that more is coming

Have you asked yourself these questions about your business? Have you asked Taro or another divination source about it? Have you asked a reader about it? What have you learned about yourself and your business?

If you haven’t visited Fiona’s Modern Fortune Teller website, I recommend that you go there and read her wonderful articles! She is also on Periscope @tarotbyfiona and youtube : Fiona’s youtube page

Back to Marie Forleo, I recently watched her video The Power of Following Your Fear, which helped me interpret my reading. It is a great video and you should watch it also!