2016 February 19

This day is about Growth. I may feel ungrounded at times but the ancient magic is supporting me. What grounds me is Fire and what crowns me is releasing and escaping from jealousy. To not be jealous of others and also not catch or be bothered by the jealousy of others.

Time to meditate as the spirits support and guide me. I may have difficulty harnessing my power but a breakthrough is coming as I am on a Luck Streak! My environment conceals things from me as I wonder about the flow of energy from talismans I have created to symbolize manifestation. Wonder about possible improper energy flow regarding my crystals that could be more fluid. The outcome is a time of Work as I learn a valuable lesson which strengthens my foundation.

Now I am having difficulty cutting certain cords and am faced with difficulty pushing negativity out of my being. What crowns me is accepting gifts where nothing is asked in return, knowing there is no “catch” to this generous offer. Elements of my past that influence me are messages, and not connecting with the outside world. In the future I may encounter a difficulty with cleansing. Now I am not seeing the full manifestation of my work, but I am in a mode of Logical reasoning and wonder whether I am expressing enough gratitude today. The outcome is Love unconditional & universal love that embraces my soul!

This was the day i finally wrote another entry in my blog after delaying. Writing more shows and assists in my Growth. It was an important day as I finally decided on whether or not i would be going to the Conscious Life Expo this weekend. Unsure of the availability of childcare, a place to spend the night, and whether or not I would see virtual and real life friends on this trip.

Looking back at the weekend, I am glad that I went and Thankful for my experiences this wonderful weekend. I believe the energy of Growth was expressed this Entire weekend.