blue moon

Into the blue : is what I think when I see the moon card. What is the blue?
The blue is that which lies between shadow and light. Behinds the rational conscious thoughts we are aware of are the subconscious ones of which we are unaware. The blue is a blend of this subconscious with fantasy. A blend of our personal truth and our personal fantasy. The moon reflects this back to our mind, with it’s gentle glow, allowing the dreams to form. They are neither real nor complete fantasy, but meaningful and symbolic reflection of our inner reality. These dreams can be as confusing as they are revealing about the truth of our inner selves. A duality of fact and fiction wherein one exists as an aspect of the other.

Right Side Up
When we dive into the blue we delve into the dreams produced by our subconscious psyche and attempt to understand it, to strengthen our sensitivity and in feeling more, we attempt to interpret the feelings into knowing. In becoming more sensitive, we feel more and are more easily confused if we can not come to terms with our feelings.

Turning away from the blue, rejecting our subconscious dance of fantasy and desire to embrace a rational reality. This leads to a suppression of our inner self, of our sensitive side, but also leads to less confusion. When we look not at the dreams of subconscious fantasy, our reality can be rationalized and make workable sense.

Now, what does the Moon mean to you?