Delve into the deep blue ambiguity of fantasy that swims in the psyche.
When dreams are real and fantasy is relative.
When the Chimera dissolves into the great blue ocean, the mercreature swims into view

Finished my genderless mercreature drawing today and inked it! It is supposed to have a sea mammal style tail but now i want to put either some kind of texture or a pattern on it. I haven’t uploaded my Chimera yet … which came before this … it will have it’s own set of text.

I Was able to step into the ocean two days in a row! After a nice family outing we went to the beach and watched the sun set as the surfers floated over the waves, also watching the sunset. A calm intriguing stillness befell the crowd of humans, in awe at how beautiful and powerful nature can be.


cleansing, cleaning up, and prepping for the new moon